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The traffic is endless: 83 kilos of cannabis seized by customs officials in Dijon

This seizure, carried out on May 11, illustrates according to the Regional Customs Directorate the deconfinement of delinquency and trafficking, in parallel with the general deconfinement.
The agents of the Dijon brigade indeed seized these 83 kilos of cannabis on the‘A 31 in the trailer of a Romanian heavyweight which entered a rest area in the south-north direction in the town of Ladoix-Serrigny (Côte d’Or). The drug was hidden in large plastic bags in the middle of a legal load made up of polystyrene plates.

The driver, of Romanian nationality, was placed in customs detention, then handed over to the Dijon judicial police. He will be the subject of an immediate appearance.

The Kultur-Keller Z87 asks for support


A return to event management after the Corona crisis is also uncertain for the Kultur-Keller Z87 on the Bürgerbräu site. A crowdfunding campaign should help.

Is the culture cellar on the verge of being over? The association wants to prevent this and has launched a crowdfunding campaign.
       Photo: Johannes Kiefer

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The Police register the 23 iDental headquarters throughout Spain


The magistrate of the Central Investigating Court number 5 of the National Court, José de la Mata, has ordered the entry and registration of all venues that the Dental clinics ‘low cost’ iDental They have a total of 23 establishments throughout the country in which the National Police have already entered in search of evidence and to make an inventory of possible compensation for those who were their patients.

Registrations, including at iDental headquarters in Rivas Vaciamadrid (Madrid), are carried out within the framework of the operation ‘Apolonia’ and they pursue, in addition to the inventory, to recover computer devices and data repositories that contain images of medical tests of users to facilitate their return to patients, who will thus be able to continue with their treatment or report, as the case may be, according to judicial sources.

The judge of the National Court José de la Mata (d), during a meeting with patients affected by the fraud of the iDental clinics. EFE / Luca Piergiovanni

Possible compensation to more than 400,000 affected

For the records, executed by the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF), the Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) and the Technological Investigation Unit (ITU) together with the Scientific Unit, the National Police has mobilized around 300 troops that have proceeded to the entry into the iDental headquarters in 21 provinces.

Specifically, the registrations are being made in Gijón, Salamanca (Santa Marta de Tormes), Valladolid, Segovia, Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Girona, Castellón, Valencia (capital and Alfalar), Albacete, Alicante, Elche, Murcia, Almería, Granada, Málaga, Córdoba, Seville, Cádiz (Puerto de Santa María) and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, according to police sources.

De la Mata investigates iDental for alleged crimes of continued fraud, misappropriation, documentary falsification, fraudulent administration, injuries, against public health, lifting of assets and money laundering, since he assumed the instruction on July 26 and proceeded to registration of 17 locations in 8 autonomous communities to seize corporate information and patient medical records.

The fraud could have left more than 400,000 affectedEFE / Luca Piergiovanni

The fraud could have left more than 400,000 affectedEFE / Luca Piergiovanni

More than 200 research pieces

It is estimated that there could be 400,000 affected throughout the country, which is the approximate number of patients who went through these clinics, against whom thousands of complaints have already been filed, which have already accumulated in more than 200 pieces of investigation distributed throughout the national territory, although they could exceed one thousand.

In fact, the judge has established a coordination system with the autonomous communities with those affected, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Justice in order to speed up the collection of information and facilitate that affected patients have access to the medical records that were after the first registration in police or judicial custody, essential documents to file a complaint or continue treatment.

This low cost clinic He was engaged in providing dental services, although he offered a treatment financing system through banks through which he received the full advance payment of his services. After that, according to those affected, the patients “were attended by unqualified personnel. low quality material, and the treatments were not finished, leaving the pincomplete dental brushing

iDental has clinics in 21 Spanish provinces

The National Court investigates iDental for eight possible crimes

The National Court investigates iDental for eight possible crimes

When will the mosques open? (President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş announced)


Within the scope of the measures taken with the Corona virus epidemic, mosques and masjids, especially Friday prayers, were interrupted by the congregation on 15 March.

While wondering when the mosques will be opened, the President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş gave information about when the mosques will be opened for worship in the sahur program he attended.

Erbaş said, “We will start praying in the courtyards of our mosques on June 12,” regarding the mosques that have been closed since March 16.

Two fishermen found after six weeks of wandering


In Martinique, fishermen are trying to shelter their boat before the hurricane hits. – Dominique Chomereau-Lamo

After six weeks of wandering in The pacific, two fishermen
from the Marshall Islands have finally reached the shore of a small atoll, local authorities said on Thursday, but no details have been given of the fate of a third man with them.

Both sinners docked aboard their small boat, equipped only with an outboard motor,
Namoluk, the smallest atoll in Micronesia, some 1,600 km from where they left. “They were thin and weak as you would expect after 40 days at sea,” said Marshall Islands secretary of health Jack Niedenthal.

Engine problems, wind and heavy seas

They were identified as Godfrey Capelle and Thomas Benjamin, but no information was given on the third person accompanying them at the start, Junior Joram. The three men had left Ebeye Island in the Marshall Islands on April 2 for a fishing trip.

However, their boat quickly encountered engine problems, in strong winds and heavy seas, and the search then launched by the coast guard did nothing. Reports of shipwreck and wandering in the Pacific are not uncommon. In 2006, Mexicans were recovered unharmed in the Marshall Islands after nine months at sea, and in 2014 an Salvadoran was recovered from the same place after sixteen months of wandering in the Pacific.

Doctors discover link between COVID-19 and rare childhood disease Kawasaki


Italian doctors have found a clear link between COVID-19 and the rare inflammatory disease, Kawasaki. Especially in small children, this disease causes serious inflammation of the blood vessels throughout the body. British doctors previously suspected that the coronavirus was a trigger for Kawasaki, but no conclusive evidence was yet available. There is also an increase in children with the rare disease in the Netherlands.

The relative unknown condition kawasaki made headlines last month after doctors in the UK raised the alarm for a sudden rise in the number of children with symptoms. These include a fever, rash, red eyes, chapped lips and abdominal pain. At the beginning of this month it became clear that in the Netherlands too over ten children with these symptoms have been admitted, at least two of whom ended up in intensive care.

In Bergamo, an area hit hard by the corona virus, the number of children with kawasaki rose to about ten a month. Before the corona outbreak, that was only one case every three months. The affected children were also, on average, older than before the corona outbreak (7.5 versus 3 years old) and had more severe symptoms. Of the ten children who were treated for Kawasaki between mid-February and mid-April, eight of them were found to have traces of the coronavirus. In the other two, the corona tests would not have been efficient.

The cases of Kawasaki now found indicate that, in combination with the coronavirus, especially school-age children are vulnerable to the inflammatory disease. Since the first reports of an increase in Kawasaki were made in Great Britain, more withdrawals than usual have also been reported in the United States, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and thus the Netherlands.

One of the Italian doctors, pediatric specialist Annalisa Gervasoni, emphasizes that only a small proportion of children infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus – the virus that causes COVID-19 disease – show symptoms of kawasaki. Still, the discovery is reason to be extra vigilant, especially as corona measures are relaxed in many places around the world and schools are reopening.

Source: The Guardian, Medical Contact / cc photo: Wikipedia

Match to six, Lazio on trial? A pool of 007 on the case


The “three against three” challenges of Lazio, at least a good result have been achieved. Yesterday morning, when the Corriere della Sera report that told of the play, the shots and the passages in the face of the distance foreseen for the individual training, arrived in the Football Federation, the operation took place. President Gabriele Gravina has given a mandate to the Federal Prosecutor, Giuseppe Chinè, to immediately make the pool operational to monitor the training of the football teams and compliance with the rules on containing Covid-19. An investigative novelty (how the front of the sports law on the epidemic is new) first test in view of the championship matches and away matches.

Forty inspectors will be mobilized who, on Monday, will check the effective compliance with the protocols that the FIGC will have validated and with the general rules that accompany the sports ones. The “operatives” also have specializations in the medical field (there are also ex Nas), labor law and with a health curriculum compliant with the standards required for law enforcement that will allow them to enter by surprise and without having to submit to any procedure in the training fields, in the changing rooms and in the retreats of the teams of A. The obligation of collaboration foreseen by the code of sports justice will do the rest. But also relations with the judicial and administrative activities of the institutions that will be able to provide the Football Association task force with evidence and devices, such as drone footage, already available for surveillance actions, which came to the fore in these lock-down days.

Read the full article on today’s edition of Corriere dello Sport – Stadio

Match to six, Lazio on trial? A pool of 007 on the case

Angelina Jolie uses Corona crisis for revenge on Pitt – children suffer!


Angelina Jolie uses Corona crisis for revenge on Pitt – children suffer!


Logic puzzle takes course on PC and Android


The Greek indie studio beyondthosehills and Plug in Digital want the logic puzzle game that has already been released for iOS reky on May 27, 2020 also for PC and Android. On Steam you can already add the title to the wishlist. The price is said to be just under six dollars on PC and just under four dollars on Google Play.

Game description of the manufacturer: “reky is a logic puzzle game that combines sleek design with a minimalist look to create a new gaming experience that is fresh, stylish, and challenging. With one-finger touch controls, players can interact with different puzzle elements at each level to move them around and build a path to the exit. Every element in the game is simple and functional – only cubes, lines, exits, portals and a touch of color are used to create a large number of challenging puzzles. “

The following are mentioned as features:

  • Elegant logic puzzles with an increasing level of difficulty
  • Graphic style inspired by minimalism
  • Moving ambient soundtrack
  • 96 levels and achievements

Latest current video: Appointment trailer PC Android


Neuchâtel Tourism brings together the sites …


Like its counterpart in the Bernese Jura, Tourisme neuchâtelois also maintains an internet page of tourist sites open in the region. The organization hopes to “make life easier for visitors and the local population” with this overview of the activities available in the canton of Neuchâtel, she said on Friday.

Read also : Jura bernois Tourisme publishes the list of open restaurants

Since the new deconfinement stage activated on Monday, some businesses authorized to restart their activities prefer to remain closed. Internet users will therefore find all the indications for opening “restaurants, bars, hotels, guesthouses, cultural or discovery activities” on this site. This is updated continuously, specifies Tourisme neuchâtelois.

Practical information

This list is available at the following address: www.neuchateltourisme.ch/ouvertures