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Elon Musk threatens to take California Tesla production


Elon Musk, chief executive officer and majority shareholder of Tesla, sues Alameda County in California for not allowing it to reopen the assembly plant. He threatens to take his future business to another state if he is not allowed to re-establish production entirely. Xavier Serbiá speaks with Vance Owen, a lawyer from Los Angeles, to analyze what the parties are arguing in this judicial battle in the middle of the covid-19.


Forced relegation: Werder Bremen and FC Bayern together against DFL plan!


Bremen – In the past, Werder Bremen was pretty isolated in the German Football League (DFL) – especially in the dispute over police costs. But now the green-whites have allies in the league alliance – and they are well-known.

“We not only had Paderborn at our side, as one might assume, but also Bavaria and Mönchengladbach,” revealed the head of the supervisory board Marco Bode at “Sky”. According to reports, seven clubs in the video conference of the 18 first division clubs should Werder Bremen have connected and a quick vote now and also in the next few weeks about a regulation in the event of one Season break reject.

In addition to SC Paderborn, Borussia Mönchengladbach and FC Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg, Union Berlin, Mainz and Düsseldorf also apparently voted for the Werder plan. The other ten clubs (Augsburg, Leipzig, Leverkusen, Hertha, Schalke, Freiburg, Hoffenheim, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Cologne) also spoke in favor of being postponed, but want to make a decision next week if possible. (knee)

Regarding the last report from May 13, 2020, 2:30 p.m .:

Werder Bremen is fighting against forced relegation with seven clubs

Bremen – SV Werder Bremen is not only fighting against relegation in terms of sport, but now also politically. There has already been an initial vote as to whether the German Football League (DFL) will prevail with its plan to use the current table for all sporting decisions in the event of a season break.

According to the “kicker”, ten first division clubs voted for the proposal, eight against – including the one SV Werder Bremen. However: The final decision on this topic planned for Thursday at the DFL general meeting with all 36 professional clubs is around a week adjourned been. After all, a partial success for Werder – and there are at least seven first division clubs who think similarly to the Bremen team.

The alarm bells are still ringing in Bremen, there is great concern that the traditional club should be pushed out of the Bundesliga. The phone wires are glowing. Wednesday afternoon was in preparation for the DFL general assembly a partial meeting of the 18 first division teams. There the topic of season break was hotly debated.

Werder Bremen: Forced relegation when season ends?

The officials of the SV Werder Bremen did not want to comment in advance in order not to pour oil into the fire as requested by the DeichStube was called. But of course it is clear that the people of Bremen reject the proposal. Because as tables.-17. SV Werder is the hardest hit by the DFL plan, in addition to the rear of SC Paderborn. Both clubs would have to be in the second division if the season were to be canceled due to further coronavirus cases in the division. This latent danger would remain in the next few weeks – and Werder has the disadvantage of having played a game less than the competition. The catch-up game against Eintracht Frankfurt is only for the 2nd / 3rd Scheduled for June.

The Dynamo Dresden case had that DFL encouraged to work in this area. After positive tests, the entire team from the bottom of the table in the second division had been sent to a 14-day quarantine last Saturday. The Saxons will miss at least two games and should actually have a longer break due to the large training gap. But time is short, the season has to be whipped through to the end of June.

Werder Bremen and Co .: DFL wants to prevent provoked termination of the season

Should more Quarantines would follow from whole teams, a regulated game operation would no longer be possible, the termination probably the consequence. With its plan, the DFL wants to prevent clubs that have been knocked out Provoke demolition – for example, caused infections or crowds of fans. So far, these clubs could have hoped that there were no relegations. Now the 36 Bundesliga teams should decide that there should definitely be two relegated teams in each of the two leagues.

“We will probably discuss the topic last Thursdayforced termination of the season‘ to treat. The last time is because I am convinced that this will not happen, “said Peter Peters, Chairman of the DFL Supervisory Board, in the dpa interview:” But for this absolutely unlikely case, one thing is certain for me: there will be no increase – and it has to also give rise and descent. “

Werder Bremen: DFL had surprised with the idea of ​​forced relegation

However, the question is: what happens when the table-16. the Season break triggers and thereby ensures relegation? This topic could also be very interesting in the fight for the title or the international places.

On Tuesday evening, the DFL had surprised its 36 members with the idea of ​​forced relegation. It was part of an application package that had been sent to the clubs prior to the general meeting on Thursday. The DFL Presidium, under the leadership of Christian Seifert, the Chairman of the Executive Board, prepared a corresponding resolution proposal. At this point it should only be mentioned in passing that the other eight members of the Presidium otherwise work for clubs that are not in immediate danger of relegation: Peter Peters (FC Schalke 04), Oliver Leki (SC Freiburg), Steffen Schneekloth (Holstein Kiel) ), Jan-Christian Dreesen (FC Bayern), Rüdiger Fritsch (Darmstadt 98), Oke Göttlich (FC. St. Pauli), Ansgar Schwenken (DFB), Alexander Wehrle (1. FC Köln). (knee)

This text was updated at 2:20 p.m. with new information after the DFL sub-assembly on Wednesday.

To the last message from May 12, 2020

Bad news for Werder Bremen: There are obviously two relegated teams at the end of the season

Cologne – The German Football League (DFL) has apparently committed itself to a worst-case scenario. As the “Bild” newspaper reported on Tuesday evening, the league association will be the clubs of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga on Thursday at the extraordinary general meeting announce that there will be one champion and two relegated teams even if the season ends. For Werder Bremen this is extremely bad news, after all, the team of coach shows Florian Kohfeldt currently the penultimate place in the table, would be – as of now – one Season break descended.

According to “Bild”, two papers are presented to the representatives of the 36 clubs in separate procedures. The goal should be to achieve broad approval and legal bindingness in both leagues before that due to the Coronavirus pandemic interrupted season continues after a break of more than two months on Saturday.

Werder Bremen: Provocation of season break should be avoided

Paper one provides that the 2019/20 season should and can be completed by June 30, but also in July if necessary. This is to prevent individual clubs from protesting against later games due to contracts expiring on June 30.

The second paper is about that if the Bundesliga and second division season for legal reasons, e.g. due to quarantine measures restricting the game or the prohibition of contact sports, the table of the 1st or 2nd Bundesliga that is up to date at that time is evaluated In this way, it should be avoided that a club that has been knocked out provokes a season break. (sid)

The Government offers Madrid to go to a “phase 0.5” so as not to discriminate against Barcelona


Regarding ER, the number of patients pending admission was 2,654, and on May 13 it was 164. They also note that there has been a decrease of 93.82 percent.

In Primary Care, the Ministry of Health ensures that the number of patients in home follow-up has dropped by 90 percent, from 24,081 daily patients to 2,244. Furthermore, they highlight that the number of patients with positive PCR reached 3,300 daily; and in the last week it stands at 150 on average.

The regional executive also emphasizes the availability of beds, which, in his opinion, meets the criteria of the Ministry of Health. Thus, they transfer that, in hospitalization, the criterion is to have between 37 and 40 beds of acute patients per 10,000 inhabitants, therefore, they would need a maximum of 24,750.

Regarding the capacity of the UCI, the Madrid Executive highlights that between 1.5 and 2 beds are required for every 10,000 inhabitants, which would require 1,340. “We already have 1,350 and we have grown to 1,942. We now have 358 ICU beds occupied. Only 18.4 percent of the maximum employed », they point out.

They also affect the detection and monitoring system of suspicious cases. In this sense, they assure that the control of suspicious cases has been strengthened through the implementation of a System for the detection and monitoring of infections and contacts, coordinated by Public Health, which also includes all public hospitals and private, Primary Care and SUMMA.

In addition, they highlight that they have more capacity to carry out PCR, with more than 11,000 daily, and that they are in a position to expand them to more than 15,000 PCRs.

The regional government has carried out in four days, from May 11 to 14, in laboratories of public and private hospitals, a total of 13,731 PCR suspects and 763 have tested positive. Only 5.56 percent of suspects have tested positive.

They also defend that they have bought more than 500 tons of material to have a 45-day stock of personal protective equipment. They have 9 million in surgical masks; 3.4 million FFP2; and 9.8 million gloves. From the Executive they emphasize that they also have strategic plans for a return to normality and also for a possible rebound.

Finally, they consider that it would be a “comparative offense” with other autonomies. “There are communities and provinces that have passed the phase with worse data than the Community,” they emphasize. They report that Madrid is one of the three communities with the most patients cured per 100,000 inhabitants. Madrid, with 603.28, exceeds Asturias, with 102.27; Balearic Islands with 129.8; Extremadura with 232.46; Aragon with 263.10; Cantabria, with 363.12; and Navarra with 519.71, all in phase 1.

In this sense, they emphasize that on May 8 (the day it was announced which Autonomous Communities pass phase), Madrid did not do so with an incidence of 57.15 cases accumulated per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. On the contrary, they put the focus on that Navarra and La Rioja did happen with an incidence of 64.96 and 63.76, respectively. Today, as they move, Madrid has a cumulative incidence of 38.84, and Navarra, in phase 1, one of 44.33.

Beaches will have traffic lights at the entrance and an area of ​​10 square meters for each swimmer – Observer


During next summer, Portuguese beaches will be equipped with traffic lights to indicate whether they already have the maximum capacity sold out, so that an average area of ​​10 square meters is guaranteed for each occupant of the beach and the risk of contagion of the coronavirus is reduced.

The information was revealed by PAN deputy André Silva on Thursday, leaving a meeting with the Prime Minister, on a day when António Costa received the representatives of the various political parties to discuss the plans for the next phases of the deflation.

Speaking to the press at the end of the meeting, André Silva said that the Government is considering not imposing a maximum capacity on the beaches, and that the design of measures and the deadline for its entry into force are not yet closed. But it is also on the table, according to the deputy after the meeting with the prime minister.

In a pandemic year, will we be able to go on vacation in the summer?

He also added that “there will be an average area estimated at 10 square meters per person on the beaches and a light indication to give people an indication that that beach will be accessible to receive more people or not”. But “in a first phase, the appeal is that there is discipline in the behavior of people when accessing the beaches”, with the measures still “being debated internally”.

This Friday, the Correio da Manhã adds that these measures are being considered by the Minister of the Environment, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, who recently revealed this possibility to a group of mayors during a conference call.

According to the news in that newspaper, the entrances to the beaches will have an electronic system with different colors – the so-called “traffic light” – that will inform people if the beach is full or not. It is a solution to respond to the lack of human resources in the security forces to monitor access to the beaches. In addition, each umbrella will have a maximum limit of five people, it is mandatory to maintain a distance of at least three meters between each hat.

There have been doubts, especially in the tourism sector, on what the next summer will be like, at a time when the country will still have to live under strong restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Although experts admit that beaches are a less favorable environment for the spread of the virus, it will be necessary to implement distance measures.

At the end of April, the news had already appeared that the beaches would have a kind of maximum capacity, calculated based on the area, in order to guarantee the distance between bathers. The work to define the functioning of the beaches in the summer of 2020 was carried out by a number of organizations, including the Blue Flag Program, the Portuguese Environment Agency, the Instituto de Socorro a Náufragos and the Directorate-General for Health.

Studies are being done for each Portuguese beach to define the maximum capacity that corresponds to each beach.

This morning, Aníbal Rosa, from the Socio-Professional Association of the Maritime Police, told Observer Radio agree with the restrictions on the beaches and argued that non-punitive measures, such as those announced by André Silva, should be implemented.

“It doesn’t make sense for the Maritime Police to survey beaches”

For the responsible of that association, the restriction of the maximum number of bathers in the sand makes sense, but it should not be the Maritime Police to carry out this inspection, since it does not have the competences for this – and there is a great lack of professionals.

a 9 year old child has died


An inflammatory disease, which appeared recently and resembles Kawasaki disease, a vascular syndrome affecting young children and the cause of which remains unknown, currently fears the worst in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic.

While a 14-year-old English teenager died yesterday of the probable consequences of this symptom, no victim has so far been deplored in France. This is unfortunately the case today, as reported Provence. A 9-year-old child admitted to intensive care at La Timone hospital in Marseille died last week.

According to our French colleagues, the young victim was hospitalized for a heart rhythm disorder. Analyzes later revealed that he had Kawasaki disease …

Note that among the symptoms of young patients – with or without Covid-19 disease caused by the new coronavirus – are high fever, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal disturbances and heart inflammation.


At the heart of the Garches resuscitation center, with these Covid-19 survivors who have to relearn everything


Even if, since Monday, France is deconfinite, calls for caution and to respect the barrier measures are still numerous. According to the latest figures published Thursday evening, 2,299 patients are still in intensive care units in France because of the coronavirus. Just over one in two patients will emerge alive from this sometimes very long trial. But once you’re out of the woods, it’s out of the question to go home directly. It takes several weeks to learn to breathe normally and to be able to walk again. The post-intensive care unit at Raymond-Poincaré Hospital in Garches, a Paris suburb, takes care of these patients who have escaped the worst.

Relearn the smallest gesture

Whenever the ventilation is removed to breathe on his own, Jacques suffers tremendously. He spent four weeks in a coma and since then, this 69-year-old man has to relearn everything. Unable to write, his hands are shaking too much. He tries to speak, but his voice is barely audible. Caregivers install him on an armchair after painstaking efforts, as each gesture seems insurmountable. Then, Vincent Delord, a nurse specializing in ventilation, combs it. In a few hours, this patient has an appointment with his family for a first video call. “It is complicated to see a dad, a husband, a wife, or a mother with a hole in the throat to breathe. If you have it prepared, styled, it is more reassuring,” said the nurse.

“The doctors did a wonderful job”

Hélène Prigent, respiratory physiologist, set up this ventilatory withdrawal service during the crisis. And every day, she follows the little steps of the patients with great emotion. “We feel like we are lucky, we are intervening at a very positive period. We are helping patients to move on. They have come out of intensive care, and we are accompanying them on each progress.”

Jean is another survivor: 42 years old, a sturdy rugby player and yet he did not escape the disease. After 40 days in a coma, he finishes his rehabilitation, very grateful to the hospital staff. “I almost died, my days were numbered,” he breathes. “The doctors did a great job, they saved my life!” He is due to leave in a few days and has only one fear, that the population will not sufficiently respect the barrier measures and that the resuscitation services will be refilled.

F1: Belgian Grand Prix to be held behind closed doors – rts.ch – Auto


The Belgian GP can be held behind closed doors on August 30 on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, despite the ban on mass events until August 31 in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, announced the local authorities on Friday.

This measure is valid “only on the condition of strictly respecting the distance between people and the hygiene and sanitary measures,” he said in a press release.

Now that the Belgian authorities have given their agreement, Spa Grand Prix, organizer of the event, will have to negotiate with Liberty Media, responsible for the global promotion of F1, to cover the shortfall that will result from the absence of spectators (according to the Belga press agency, nearly 165,000 tickets had been sold).

If no recovery date has been formalized by the governing bodies of the premier category of motor sport, plans include a return to the track in Austria, on the Spielberg circuit, behind closed doors on July 5.

The coronavirus crisis has completely upset the F1 season that should have started on March 15. The first ten GPs have been canceled (Australia, Monaco and France) or postponed to an indefinite date (Bahrain, China, Vietnam, Netherlands, Spain, Azerbaijan, Canada).

dpa / adav

The pianist Ezio Bosso, who suffered from a rare incurable disease, dies: Music: Culture: Lenta.ru


The Italian pianist and composer Ezio Bosso died at the age of 48. About this writes la Repubblica on Friday, May 15.

The cause of death is not specified. It is indicated that Bosso died in Bologna after a long illness.

Since 2011, the musician suffered from Charcot’s disease, a rare incurable severe degenerative disease of the central nervous system, while continuing to compose music and give concerts. In September 2019, he admitted that he had lost control of two fingers and could no longer play the piano.

The musical career of the artist began at the age of 14, but he released his first album only in 2015. The album was called The 12th Room. Bosso’s compositions appeared as a soundtrack for such films as “I’m Not Afraid” and “The Invisible Boy”.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades: Now available for Switch


It had been announced for a long time, now it has happened without warning: The mobile role-playing game The Elder Scrolls: Blades is now also playable on Nintendo Switch.

Platform: PC, PS4, One, NSw, Mob | Date: 11.06.2018 “data-lightbox =” d5331df22be2f4849d7407db79d745cb.jpg “>

Originally planned for last fall, the mobile branch of the Elder Scrolls series was pretty quiet for a while, but now you can also play it on the console. The free-to-play role-playing game comes with some chic features that mobile and switch owners can look forward to: Blades supports crossplay and cross progression between iOS, Android and Switch. So you can simply continue to play existing advances from mobile versions on the switch and also play with your friends on other platforms.

The switch version of Blades can be played both handheld and docked, both motion control and Joy-Cons are supported. Basically, the game is free-to-play, but if you want some starting help, you can get a package of equipment, gold, jewels, materials and decorative components for around 15 euros.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades – E3 2019 Switch Announcement Trailer

In autumn 2019, The Elder Scrolls: Blades will also be available for Nintendo’s Switch.

A savings plan for the end of May? The Douai site in the sights of “cost killers”


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