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Freiburg: “German economy shrinks by 2.2 percent” – Thomas Burger (President of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Economic Association of Industrial Enterprises) comments on the Federal Statistical Office’s report


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Message: If politics and large corporations do not show clear prospects now, there is a risk of further painful loss of performance

“Unfortunately, such a decline in economic output was to be expected, but the numbers are staggering! The German engine of prosperity, which has been in full swing for the past ten years, is starting to stutter.

Lockdown, closed borders, entry and export restrictions also have an impact on industrial SMEs. If politics and large corporations now do not show clear prospects, there is a further painful loss of performance. Keeping everything around the church towers in municipalities, districts, rural areas and the topics of protective masks, non-woven materials and the like certainly brings political applause in places – but no economic progress! ”

Thomas Burger (President of wvib Schwarzwald AG).

(Press release: Baden-Württemberg Association of Industrial Enterprises, May 15, 2020)

Published previously unknown photos of Steve Jobs from 2007 – Lenta.ru

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Which businesses earn money and which lose millions due to the pandemic


The confinement measures generated by the coronavirus helped some sectors prosper, while others unexpectedly fell into the void.

The coronavirus pandemic, a virus that could have come to staybrought the global economy to its knees, but confinement measures also helped prosper some business. However, even in success stories you have to read the fine print.

For example, many have used the internet to do their shoppingWhich should be apparently fabulous news for e-commerce.

That has certainly favored some companies, but the figures of the American giant Amazon they tell a different story.

Under the wing of the richest man in the world, Jeff BezosThe company made headlines in mid-April as one of the clear winners in the coronavirus crisis, with customers overflowing its website and spending about $ 11,000 a second.

In response, Amazon’s shares recorded a historic rise.

But two weeks later, the group’s accountants were on a different note. It has been said that the company could soon see a loss for the first time in five years when its data is released between April and June.

Expenses in times of coronavirus

Despite having produced far more money between January and March, Amazon faces mounting costs to handle the surge in orders, forcing it to hire 175,000 more workers.

The company says it will have to spend $ 4 billion to deal with the spread of covid-19.This includes providing their workers with personal protective equipment and carrying out disinfection operations in their gigantic warehouses.

Amazon faces rising costs to handle rising orders

That amount exceeds Amazon’s earnings during the first quarter of 2019 ($ 2.5 billion).

Amazon has long resisted recognizing unions, arguing that it prefers to speak directly to its employees about any concerns they have.

Netflix leading the boom in “streaming”

The home entertainment industry has been a clear winner in confinement, settling on a growing trend that came from before.

Despite the fact that the number of people who went to the movies worldwide grew by 18% in the last two years, Netflix subscriptions increased by 47% during the same period.

Not surprisingly, the home entertainment sector thrives when so many people have no choice but to stay home.

“People need entertainment and escapism now more than ever,” trend analyst Blake Morgan told the BBC.

Netflix announced on April 22 that it had nearly 16 million new customers between January and April.

Production concerns

But this story has another side that does not look as good. Confinement conditions have largely paralyzed the production of new series and movies.

In addition, many national currencies have lost value due to the pandemic, which means that Netflix’s newest international customers are not bringing as much money to the American company.

Another great American entertainment company that has made some profits but also losses during the pandemic is Disney.

The company has had to close its amusement parks when the containment measures were put in place. That has cost Disney at least $ 1.4 billion, according to CEO Bob Chapek.

But at the same time the demand for Disney’s streaming services has exploded.

The Disney + platform, which launched in November, now has close to 55 million subscribers, a figure Netflix took five years to obtain.

Unfeasible logistics

One could hope that the growing e-commerce will also bring good profits for delivery companies that leave packages at your doorstep.

But the real picture is more complicated.

Two of the largest delivery companies in the world, Fedex and UPS, based in the United States, have asked the US government for support for logistical problems caused by confinement restrictions.

Although there has been an increase in private customers shopping online, the most profitable operations are business-to-business, and the demand for these has fallen because many businesses have had to close their doors or reduce their activities during the pandemic.

Food delivery

Similarly, confinement has had pros and cons for food delivery services.

Some restaurants have been able to open to make takeaways in some countries and cities around the world.

But while the demand for online food purchases skyrocketed, home food orders don’t seem to have suffered the same fate.

Sex sells, but not so much for sex workers

From Colombia to Denmark, there has been an increase in the sale of sex toys during confinement.

It is a great business with a market that moved almost $ 27 billion in 2019.

The covid-19 appears to have given a boost to the sex toy industry, with companies specializing in high-tech devices offering “long-distance experiences” benefiting from social distancing.

But the coronavirus has generated loss of income – and increased health risks – for sex workers.

In many countries, employees do not have legal rights and are not eligible for government aid programs.


Personal trainers try to use the internet to replace traditional sessions

Exercise in confinement

Movement and travel restrictions have been bad news for gyms, but the sale of training equipment to those who get in shape at home has increased.

The so-called “digital fitness” sector has also increased.

Smartwatch sales grew 22% in early 2020, compared to the same period in 2019, according to a report by consulting firm Strategy Analytics.

“Many clients have been using smartwatches to monitor their health and exercise during confinement,” Steven Waltzer, an analyst at the firm, told the BBC.

Personal trainers try to use the internet to replace traditional sessionsBut this situation is difficult for many professionals in the sector and several gyms have had to close their doors.

Online communication

With millions of people around the world working from home, online communication tools have gained popularity.

The company that Leading the video conferencing business is Zoom. Eric Yuan, the businessman who became a billionaire with the coronavirus (and why he had to apologize)

The app had more than 131 million downloads worldwide in April, according to research firm Sensor Tower, 60 times more than the same period the year before.

Zoom has become the preferred choice of many businesses and members of the public.


Although most people use the free version of the app, which has restrictions like time limits on a call, Zoom make money of users who pay for its premium features and in the first three months of 2020, the company earned $ 122 million, doubling what it achieved in the same period last year.

Another winner of the “teleworking” trend has been Slack.

The instant messaging platform companies use for internal communications said its subscribers have nearly doubled their number between January and March.


PayPal registered 10 million new accounts between January and March

PayPal actions

One of the largest digital payment companies in the world, PayPal has been seriously affected by covid-19. Its net earnings for the first three months of 2020 fell to $ 84 million, almost eight times less than in the same period last year.

But at the same time, PayPal’s shares reached their highest value on May 7.

How do market analysts explain that?

Many people face financial difficulties and may be inclined to spend less during confinement, but the same situation may also encourage them to migrate to digital payment services, a potentially positive sign for PayPal’s future.

PayPal registered 10 million new accounts between January and March and processed up to $ 199 billion, an increase of 161.5 billion in the same period in 2019.

“We believe we are reaching a tipping point around the world where people are seeing how simple and easy it is to use digital payments for services,” PayPal CEO Dan Schulman told investors in a conference call on 6 of May.

“Survey after survey shows that people are now more inclined to shop online than to go back to the store,” he added.

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Coronavirus: the caregiver premium will be able to be paid


The premium will be 500 euros for all members of the hospital staff and 1,500 € for those who have worked in the 40 departments most affected by the epidemic or in establishments or services having received patients from Covid-19, confirms the decree. “This premium is de-socialized and tax-exempt”, also specifies the decree. It concerns people who “exercised their functions effectively” in public health establishments “between March 1 and April 30, 2020”.

The 40 departments concerned by the € 1,500 premium are as follows: Aisne, Ardennes, Aube, Bas-Rhin, Bouches-du-Rhône, Corse-du-Sud, Côte-d’Or, Doubs, Drôme, Essonne , Eure-et-Loir, Haute-Corse, Haute-Marne, Haute-Saône, Haute-Savoie, Haut-Rhin, Hauts-de-Seine, Jura, Loire, Marne, Mayotte, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle , Nièvre, Nord, Oise, Paris, Pas-de-Calais, Rhône, Saône-et-Loire, Seine-et-Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis, Somme, Territoire de Belfort, Val-de-Marne, Val-d ‘Oise, Vosges, Yonne and Yvelines.

This bonus had been announced at the end of March by the head of state. However, its payment remained suspended on the publication of this decree, initially announced for the beginning of May, but which was the subject of intense discussions. Government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye spoke on Wednesday of “May or June payroll” regulations. Exempt from taxes, these gratuities will cost a total of 1.3 billion euros, according to the Ministry of Health.

VIDEO. € 1,500 bonus for certain caregivers, additional aid for people with RSA

Grafschenners Urk presumably young children Inland


The exact target is still being investigated. Since these are children under the age of 12, the images should not simply be distributed. That is why it is examined internally whether there are people who recognize the children. In the interest of the investigation, the police do not want to say how many children are involved.

If such young children are indeed involved, they cannot be prosecuted, the spokesperson says. However, they can be held liable for the damage.

The damage to the graves is extensive, the police previously reported. The perpetrators destroyed cover plates and chains and destroyed flower pots. According to the police, the vandals hit between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. At that time, no staff were present at the cemetery.

Omroep Flevoland reported that the emotions ran high with relatives who were going to take a closer look. Urk mayor Ineke Bakker said that the grave violation is “out of all proportions”.

The Department of Health receives the antiviral remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients


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The Health Department received, last Tuesday, the medication remdesivir, antiviral that recently obtained authorization from the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for emergency use in hospitalized adults and children diagnosed with COVID-19.

In written statements, the agency confirmed tonight that the Federal Department of Health and Human Services notified him that the antiviral would be distributed among the states and territories.

Lorenzo González Feliciano, head of Health, commented that the medicine arrived on Tuesday in a limited way, since the quantity supplied only reaches 36 patients. El Nuevo Día learned that patients urging this medication should receive several doses as part of hospital treatment.

According to González Feliciano, the Division of Medicines and Pharmacy of the Auxiliary Secretariat for Regulation and Accreditation of Health Facilities (Sarafs) developed an application form so that interested hospitals can acquire it.

“We are in the final process of reviewing the procedure and the documentation required to have the endorsement of the Hospital Association and the associations of infectious diseases and pneumologists of Puerto Rico and thus begin their distribution,” said the official.

He reiterated that the treatment will be available to patients who require it and are hospitalized, under the supervision of infectious diseases and pulmonologists, and at no cost to patients.

For his part, the infectologist at the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, Miguel Colón, maintained that Salud received 400 doses of the drug, a figure that the agency did not confirm, and that it should be distributed to the drug stores to serve as liaisons with the hospitals.

This medicine is designed for patients with moderate to severe disease, but does not lower mortality, but the days of hospitalization. It is for patients with less than 94% saturation or who need oxygen. We are going to give it to patients early to save lives, ”said Colón.

Colón warned that, after FDA approval, the federal government was asked to distribute the drug in all U.S. jurisdictions. For this reason, some arrived in Puerto Rico. “It is the only thing approved by the FDA right now (for COVID-19),” he said.


Coronavirus: what are the profiles of patients hospitalized in intensive care in Toulouse?


the essential
Who are the patients hospitalized for Covid-19? The pharmacovigilance center and the anesthesia-resuscitation center of the Toulouse University Hospital have drawn up the profile of 96 patients admitted to intensive care between March 10 and April 21, 2020. They also observed the risks of medication.

The first French study describing the clinical characteristics and the drugs taken by patients hospitalized in intensive care for an infection with the SARS-Cov-2 virus will be from Toulouse. The journal “Therapies”, a bimonthly journal in English and French dedicated to pharmacology subjects, has just accepted it for publication.

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“The objective was twofold. First, describe who are the patients infected with the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus when the data are lacking in France. Then, observe if there are signs of risk of worsening of the disease Covid-19 in connection with the taking of certain drugs “, summarizes Dr François Montastruc, pharmacologist doctor at the pharmacovigilance center of the Toulouse CHU, main author of the publication with Pr Olivier Fourcade, head of the anesthesia-resuscitation department at the CHU de Toulouse.

Data were collected from 96 patients hospitalized in intensive care, 80% of whom were intubated. Their average hospital stay was 14 days and 9% of them died.

80% men

“The profiles are similar to those observed in cohorts of patients in Lombardy and in New York hospitals. Thus, we find 80% of men with an average age of 63 years. A majority of patients were affected by metabolic diseases: 66% were overweight or obese, 28% were diabetic, and 45% had high blood pressure “, details Dr François Montastruc.

It should also be noted that 77% of patients suffered from at least two associated pathologies (comorbidities) such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer and, in a lower percentage, respiratory illnesses.

“We found two important things in resuscitation in Toulouse: there are few immunocompromised people (whose immune system is weakened) which is quite surprising – did they get out less, did they protect themselves better? – and the importance of men around 60 with a little overweight and hypertension without really big risk factors “, adds Dr. Béatrice Riu, responsible for versatile resuscitation at the Toulouse University Hospital.

Message well received for the risks linked to ibuprofen

The study also looked at the drugs that can worsen Covid-19 disease. The case of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, ibuprofen, ketoprofen in particular) has been looked at closely. “The French pharmaco-vigilance network was the first in Europe, and before the United States, to report the potential risks associated with the use of NSAIDs in the presence of Covid-19 as it then did for the risks use of hydroxychloroquine. Of the patients in our study, only 6% had taken NSAIDs, which is little compared to what is known of their generally large use in the French population. The message on the risks of aggravating factors therefore seems to have been well passed on, ”said the pharmacologist.

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For treatments against high blood pressure, the study could not highlight any aggravating factors even if it noted the differences between two families of drugs and raised the question of more protective drugs than others.

“The number of patients is still small to reach definitive conclusions. We are continuing our inclusions, but fortunately resuscitation hospitalizations have decreased in the last two weeks for Covid-19 at the Toulouse University Hospital. Sentinel work from the Toulouse University Hospital which can enable the launch of a signal or in-depth research on certain drugs as part of the monitoring of drug risks that I carry out with the National Medicines Agency (ANSM) “, concludes Dr François Montastruc.

Foot OM – OM: McCourt ready to sell, he demands 250 ME cash!


Will Olympique de Marseille change hands in the coming weeks? The question arises all the more with the hasty departure of Andoni Zubizarreta.

For almost two weeks, rumors of a possible takeover by Al-Walid ben Talal have multiplied. Challenges magazine reported on Thursday that Kacy Grine, a French business banker who is a close adviser to several Saudi businessmen, and Frank McCourt. And if for the time being, it seems that the owner of Olympique de Marseille has not accepted any offer to sell the club, it is clear that in view of the current situation, he will not hesitate to sell the ship Phocaean in case of XXL proposal. In its columns, the newspaper The team has released a number concerning the claims of Frank McCourt.

According to information from the national daily, the Boston native “Could think” if he came to receive a check for 250 ME for the buyout of Olympique de Marseille, four years after spending 45 ME to afford the club. An amount that would allow Frank McCourt to save the furniture, he who invested more than 300 ME in the club between the purchases of players, the deficits to be filled and the monstrous salaries to be paid each month. It remains to be seen whether potential buyers, necessarily alerted by the departures of Garry Cook and Andoni Zubizarreta in recent days, will be able to offer such a sum to Frank McCourt. This is what many Marseille supporters hope, devastated since Thursday evening by the announcement of the departure of the Spanish sports director, who could be imitated in the coming hours by André Villas-Boas …

I changed my religious community for my wife (video) – Toss News


# Toss_news

Source: Maryam Mustafa- Toss News

The Egyptian artist announced Edward FouadFor the first time, he changed his religious community for the sake of his wife.

This came in a meeting, on Thursday evening, with the program “Sheikh Al-Hara”, which is presented by director Enas Al-Deghaidi, through the Egyptian satellite channel “Cairo and Al-Nas”.

Edward said that he had changed his doctrine in Christianity (which he did not reveal) to the Orthodox doctrine; Until he relates to the girl he loves, who is now his wife, saying: “I changed my religious sect because I love my wife and want to marry her … and I also had a better religious future for my children.”

The artist defended accusations of continuing in the artistic community with the support of a large medium, saying that “his success and the conviction of the public with his performance are the reason behind his continuation in the artistic community, and that the medium does not last in the art profession, because millions of viewers rule in it.”

Regarding the insult of the star Ahmed Eid for him in the movie “I am not with them,” he said that “Eid entered into a dispute with him during the filming of the film because of (Eve), where Eid addressed him with a sharp accent, saying:” I am the hero, and I do not understand Eve and I am. “

Edward entered into a state of tears after asking the presenter of the program about his condition at the time of his mother’s death, saying: “Of course she broke because she was a mother and a father, especially after the death of my father.”

It is noteworthy that the “Sheikh Al-Hara” program is one of the talk shows that rely on exciting statements, revealing facts for the first time about stars of art, celebrities, sports and media.


gameplay analysis, fight and hide in the wind


The wind is rising on the island of Tsushima. He shakes the leaves of the trees, caresses the stalks of grass, makes the flowers dance, and shows us the way forward. According to historical reports, it was the “kamikaze“, that is the”divine wind“to bring down the Mongolian fleets during the invasion, saving Japan from a defeat now certain: and in the title of Sucker Punch, even before the war against the troops of Kothun Kan comes to an end, another breath of air – much less overwhelming – will accompany the protagonist Jin Sakai on his path of revenge.

There long demo of Ghost of Tsushima, shown during the last episode of Sony’s State of Play, has swept away some doubts about the playful dynamics of the title, but without being able to fully focus every detail of the production. And while legitimate perplexities remain on the operation of the combat system in GoT, the exploratory and stealth mechanics seem already sufficiently outlined: waiting to ride in the windy prairies of Tsushima on the back of our steed, what takes shape is open world not too far from the tradition of the genre, however framed by a setting with a simply amazing artistic impact.

Orient yourself with the wind and the animals

Given the enormous attention paid to the scenographic component, Sucker Punch has decided to limit the presence of screen icons to the minimum that can somehow weaken the glance. And while the panoramas of the island show themselves in all their vast splendor, immersed in almost dazzling colors, you immediately notice the absence of a mini-map on the screen: to orient ourselves, in Ghost of Tsushima, we will have to ask the wind for help .

With a game design solution as suggestive as it is peculiar, at the push of a button we will be able to highlight the direction indicated by a gust of air, which will direct us towards the point of the setting that we have decided to reach. This trick devised by Sucker Punch clearly has a dual function: on the one hand it is designed to maximize the performance of art design and the physical engine, which stages poetic and majestic landscapes, while on the other it suggests the user to pay due attention to the surrounding environment, inviting him to grasp the most subtle details, to let himself be guided by the sense of adventure. In doing so, our gaze will rest both on floral expanses of rare beauty, both on smoke signals in the distance, which indicate the presence of characters seeking help.

Directed by Akira KurosawaThat Ghost of Tsushima is an act of love in Akira Kurosawa’s cinema is also visible from a single frame. Sucker Punch seems to have studied the filmography of the Japanese master thoroughly, so much so as to attempt to reproduce in the game the atmospheres, the shots and the noble epicness of the great director. To pay even more homage to a filmmaker of this thickness, and to make Jin Sakai’s epic the video game that most of all approaches Kurosawa’s cinematographic works, the team has included a special black and white filter that reproduces photography and grain of films such as The Samurai Challenge. A touch of class that will legitimately send cinephiles into raptures.

Interacting with them we will presumably get secondary missions, and we will venture into the most hidden meanders of the island, discovering all the most hidden wonders. From the demo it is quite clear that Sucker Punch wants to do of the setting the central element of the experience: in fact everything contributes to highlighting the grandeur of the scenography, the endless horizons and the visual poetry of its naturalistic views. If the player’s eye is not distracted by too invasive icons, moreover, it can focus on its surroundings and notice the passage of a bird, which will direct it to a secret place, or that of a fox, which will lead it to the closer sanctuaries, where you can indulge in prayer and activate a checkpoint thanks to which you can take advantage of the rapid journey.

In short, the island constantly communicates with the user: the idea of ​​the development studio is to create a location that not only embodies a beautiful stage on which to ride, but also a sort of co-protagonist who has a very active role in advancing.

At present, the desire to give so much prominence to Tsushima’s heaths represents the distinctive feature of the production, as well as – in our opinion – the one that stood out most during the presentation of the State of Play.

Unsheath the sword

The ability to choose a dual approach to battle is a direct consequence of the narrative premises. Trained since childhood as a Samurai, Jin Sakai begins to question the moral precepts taught by his uncle Shimura when a horde of violent Mongols, completely unrelated to the rules of honor, invades the island of Tsushima, ironing it and fire. Abandoning the Bushido route to take the Spectrum one leads to obvious differences also in terms of gameplay.

If we decide to face the adventure by fighting (and dying) like a Samurai, we will have to prepare ourselves to face the enemies with our faces open, inviting them to battle one on one, in duels with a white weapon that end with a few slits of a blade. Although much of the demo has focused on the combat mechanism, it is still not entirely crystal clear how the combat system works: the impression is that it is a very scenic version of the free flow, mainly based on the timing of the dodges and the rapidity of the counterattacks. The speed and reflexes then seem really fundamental: Jin can deflect the arrows and, if an enemy assault parries at the right time, he will have the ability to destabilize his rival, in such a way as to inflict a somewhat spectacular coup de grace. It is the team itself that, during the demo, put the accent on the word “precision”: to properly exploit all his talents, Jin will also have to change posture, consequently changing the fighting style according to the type of opponent that he will face it.

Only two stances were shown in the movie, call Stone and Water: as the names openly suggest, the former seems designed for a more aggressive and powerful approach, while the latter for faster and more rapid assaults. Although the fighting there seemed to be sufficiently choreographic and violent, between streams of blood and dismemberments, it still remains much to understand before being able to unbalance their effectiveness: first of all, the artificial intelligence of the enemies did not seem to us to be particularly advanced, and secondly it will be necessary to actively experiment with the efficiency of Jin’s skills.

In fact, just above the health indicator, a series of are positioned small golden spheres which signals the energy available to the protagonist to score more powerful attacks: a charged shot, moreover, consumes a single portion of the bar, which recharges after each successful killing. It is probably one of the mysterious “techniques” glimpsed in the main menu, which will be unlocked during the adventure. Regardless of how Jin destroys his targets, in any case, it will always be essential to pay due respect to his contenders, bowing after each duel, so as to honor the fallen in battle. As every Samurai should do.

The shadow of the warrior

The dualism that identifies Jin’s path will also lead us to follow the via dello SpettroInstead of challenging his enemies face to face, the protagonist can take on the role of the ghost and act sneaking, moving in the shadows and using some tricks to distract the Mongolian guards and hit them from behind. From smoke bombs to kunai to eliminate them from distance, the gadgets supplied will certainly not miss: the stealth approach, unlike the combat system, was shown more clearly during the demo, and its operation is in line with that than many other congeners.

Through the grappling hook, Jin can reach elevated positions and strike from above, with a single kill or with a chained elimination: in the role of the Specter, the protagonist has the task of instilling deep fear in his opponents, so that the weakest soldiers can also beat a retreat, terrified of his advance. At that point, it will be up to us alone to choose to be merciful, sparing the life of helpless invaders, or ruthless, by sticking our blade into their flesh. It is legitimate to think that our style of play influences both progression and narration with inevitable consequences on the playful and narrative level. In the game menu it is possible to observe an indicator that indicates the degree of enhancement of the character and probably also the level of fame obtained by Jin, which could vary depending on our behavior, modifying the consideration that the enemies or inhabitants of the island they will have towards us. And this is how the legend of the Tsushima Wraith will begin to spread among the population.

Among flowers, amulets and armor

Whether we decide to act righteous Samurai, or choose to act like an honorless avenger, exploration in Ghost of Tsushima will continue to be indispensable: in fact, we will be able to recover special amulets to equip, which will provide us with various additional capacities, and to collect some flowers scattered throughout the settings, whose function will be exquisitely aesthetic, since will allow us to change the color of our clothing.

For its part, the equipment will not only have a visual value: depending on the type of armor worn, in fact, we will get special advantages during the battle. If we add to the set a series of extra skills obtainable through the so-called Technical Points, and even the presence of a crafting system still to be discovered, we can deduce that Ghost of Tsushima seems intent on guaranteeing the player considerable freedom of action and personalization of the experience.