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Viruses and layoffs: access criteria explained by the Ministry of Labor


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Objective focused on the criteria for access to wage integration treatments provided for the epidemiological emergency linked to Covid-19

by Nicoletta Cottone

Coronavirus, this is how the new emergency Cig works

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The most frequently asked questions about layoffs are the protagonists of the FAQs prepared by the Ministry of Labor. In particular, an objective aimed at the criteria for access to the wage integration treatments provided forepidemiological emergency linked to coronavirus. In particular, clarifications on the access to layoffs in derogation addressed to multi-localized companies on the national territory. Does the redundancy fund also apply to workers hired between 24 February 2020 and 17 March 2020? An employer with a production structure in five or more Regions or Autonomous Provinces who apply for layoffs in derogation for Covid-19 for production units present up to a maximum of four Regions or Autonomous Provinces, must submit an application to the individual Regions or Autonomous provinces in which the production units affected by the suspensions are located? Here are the faqs.


In the event of exemption layoffs applications submitted by employers who refer to production units located in five or more Regions or Autonomous Provinces on the national territory, is it possible to produce a single union agreement that refers overall to all the production units concerned?
Yes. In this case, to simplify the presentation, the application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies must be accompanied by a single union agreement, which refers to all the production units considered in the application. The trade union agreement is sent to the Directorate-General for labor relations and industrial relations and, together with the request for authorization to process, to the Directorate-General for social safety nets and training in the manner already described in Ministerial Circular no. 8 of April 8, 2020.

The reference to March 17, 2020, indicated in the circular as the last date of hiring of workers for whom the salary integration treatment referred to in article 19 of Legislative Decree no. 18/2020, also applies to the redundancy fund pursuant to Article 22 of the same Decree-Law no. 18/2020?
Yes. Pursuant to article 41, paragraph 2, of Decree Law no. 23/2020, the redundancy fund pursuant to article 22 of Decree-law no. 18/2020 also applies to workers hired between 24 February 2020 and 17 March 2020.

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An employer with a production structure distributed in five or more Regions or Autonomous Provinces who, however, makes a request for layoffs in derogation for COVID-19 for production and / or operating units present up to a maximum of four Regions or Autonomous Provinces , must you submit an application to the individual Regions or Autonomous Provinces where the production units affected by the suspensions are located?
Yes. In this case – even if it is an employer with a multi-localized production or distribution organization – however if the need to activate the cash dispenser for COVID-19 refers to production units located in no more than four Regions or Autonomous Provinces, the relative applications must be submitted individually to the respective Regions or Autonomous Provinces and not to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies.

Beware of this misinterpretation of a 2013 “Parisian” article about a virus created in the laboratory


In a laboratory in Beijing on March 16, 2020. – NEW CHINA / SIPA

  • An article from the regional daily The Parisian which dates from May 2013 and which speaks of a virus created in a Chinese laboratory was photographed and widely relayed on social networks by concerned Internet users.
  • The article does exist and is available online, but the virus he talks about has nothing to do with the Covid-19, as the newspaper itself explains in a new article this Sunday.
  • Despite the denials, rumors about the creation of the Covid-19 in the laboratory and its more or less voluntary distribution continue to circulate.

Since this weekend, the publication has been spreading doubt and anxiety among internet users. Because the title of the article she is following is rather anxious in this period of pandemic of coronavirus : “A disturbing virus created in
China ” This page of the regional daily newspaper The Parisian the photo is not recent, as we can see the date of May 5, 2013, but it has resurfaced since this Friday. The article’s caption says “Chinese researchers have made a very dangerous hybrid avian flu virus” and that “scientists are sounding the alarm.”

The Parisian archival document went viral. – Facebook screenshot

Illustrated by the drawing of a virus that reminds of that of Covid-19 with its spikes (but which is actually a model of H1N1), the article went viral in a few hours on social networks, and gave rise to multiple speculations with conspiratorial overtones. Most Internet users have linked the publication’s content directly to the coronavirus epidemic: “It’s really real. You can go check it out. The Parisian from May 2013. Talk about coronavirus “,” Do we continue, do we persist, are we going to the end of taking us for idiots !!! In 2012 Bernard Cazeneuve inaugurated the P4 laboratory [pathogène de classe 4, c’est-à-dire susceptible d’abriter des micro-organismes très pathogènes] in Huwan [Wuhan] “,” I never believed the story of bats, pangolins and the Wuhan fish market. They never found the famous patient zero. It would not be surprising if the Chinese would lie to us “,” AIDS, corona, it’s all created in the laboratory, it’s obvious. “


What does this article say, which does exist and which is still online on the website of Parisian ? “The world scientific community has been in a stir since the announcement on Friday [3 mai 2013], in the American magazine
Science, of the creation of a dangerous hybrid virus by Chinese biologists, mixing H5N1 and H1N1 genes. “Further:” A handling error, a leak, a bad intention and a GMO virus of this kind can easily “contaminate people, cause between 100,000 and 100 million deaths”, estimates Simon Wain Hobson, of the Institut Pasteur . “Or:” The laboratories I saw there are brand new. China is not known to harbor terrorists and the authorities are very sensitive to biosecurity and biosecurity, “reassures Jean-Claude Manuguerra, virologist at the Institut Pasteur. “

The discovery of this experience in 2013 was the subject of a dispatch from the France press agency and has been reported in other media, such as in The Obs May 3, which is less reassuring than the article in Parisian at the time of quoting him also Simon Wain-Hobson, who recalls “how the leak of a strain of foot-and-mouth disease, a viral disease which fortunately only affects cattle, caused an epizootic in Great Britain in 2007.”

“As different as an earthworm is from a human”

Given the scale of the rumor, The Parisian himself insisted on recontextualizing this article and alerted readers to
his site in a new article devoted to the subject this Sunday: “This information, which is true, requires however a precise contextualization, in order not to link it to the new coronavirus appeared in China at the end of 2019.” And to quote the American biologist Richard H Ebright, director of laboratory in New Jersey (United States), who “was one of the scientists critical of this study on the hybrid virus”, contacted by the regional daily: “There is no link between the hybrid virus H5N1-H1N1 and SARS-CoV-2 [le nom scientifique du nouveau coronavirus]. These two viruses are of different phyla (phylum). They are as different as an earthworm is from humans. “

Professor Simon Wain-Hobson, quoted in the 2013 article, for his part confirms 20 minutes : “SARS-CoV-2 is natural. With the information we have, there is nothing that suggests human manipulation. However, some of my colleagues have had dangerous experiences [sur d’autres virus] in the past with zero benefit for humans. “

In addition, the laboratory referred to in 2013 is not located in Wuhan, the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic, as Internet users have suggested. Still on this article, The Parisian recalls that the study of the time “was carried out by a team of Chinese researchers from the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, under the tutelage of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, in northeast China (at more than 2,200 km from Wuhan). “It is only since 2017 that
Wuhan Institute of Virology has a very high security laboratory called “P4”.

An article April 7 of our “Fake Off” section in which scientists explained that the Covid-19 could not be a laboratory construction already denied this kind of rumor. Earlier, on January 31, 20 minutes had also interviewed the reporter from
Challenges, Antoine Izambard, author of the book France-China: Dangerous connections editions Stock (and who was able to visit the laboratory at the time of its investigation), which indicated that “the theories which circulate on the emergence of the coronavirus in the P4 laboratory in Wuhan are conspiratorial. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but there are no concrete elements at this stage that would go in this direction. “

But despite the latest details from Parisian and all these denials, theories of this type reappear regularly and propagate the idea of ​​a virus which would have left – voluntarily or not – its laboratory.

Some internet users remain worried and skeptical: “As a result, we know that it is possible to modify one or more viruses, which was supposedly not possible as it was claimed a few weeks ago according to some scientists… “,” China should not be loaded too much … We need what is made there so badly. “



Video .. An integrated field hospital for “Corona” patients in the commercial center in Dubai – localities – health


Dubai health authorities are working to establish an integrated field hospital, to treat patients with Coronavirus (Covid 19), with international standards.

And monitored “Emirates Today” during a field visit to the commercial center, the continuation of work to prepare the field hospital to receive patients.

This comes as part of its intensive efforts to contain the emerging corona virus and limit its spread, and the temporary hospital provides 3030 beds for patients with coronavirus infection, including 800 dedicated to intensive care.

The Director General of the Dubai Health Authority, Hamid Mohammed Al Qatami, has revealed the authority’s direction to establish a field hospital in Dubai that can accommodate about 5,000 beds, in addition to raising the capacity of hospitals and isolation centers.

Video citing “YouTube”



Nuis leaves Orie after ten years and signs with Reggeborgh | NOW


Kjeld Nuis leaves Jumbo-Visma, although his contract with the team continued for three years. The multiple world champion has signed a commitment to Team Reggeborgh through the 2022/2023 season.

Due to the transition of thirty-year-old Nuis, the collaboration with coach Jac Orie comes to an end after ten years, among whom he took gold in the 1,000 and 1,500 meters at the Games in Pyeongchang.

“After ten years I am ready for a new training impulse and I think that I will find it with Gerard van Velde and his team,” said Nuis on Wednesday in a press release from his new team.

In October, the born South Hollander extended his contract with Jumbo-Visma until 2023. He has now canceled this commitment as of 31 May.

Nuis points out that he has an indefinite contract, because he has extended his contract with the Orie team more than three times.

Provisional squad Team Reggeborgh for next season

  • Kjeld Nuis, Kai Verbij, Dai Dai Ntab, Ronald Mulder, Wesly Dijs, Jarno Botman, Ireen Wüst, Femke Kok and Michelle de Jong

“It’s time for new challenges”

Nuis has never made it a secret that Reggeborgh has approached him several times in recent years for a switch.

The team again came up with that question after the winter and this time the two-time Olympic champion decided to accept the offer after long thinking.

“It’s time for new challenges. I’m going for Olympic gold in Beijing in two years,” said Nuis, who had a difficult winter partly due to a strong flu. He did end the year successfully with the world title at 1,500 meters.

Kjeld Nuis in 2015 with his coach Jac Orie. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Jumbo-Visma is looking for replacements

Reggeborgh, who entered skating in 2018 as a sponsor of the Van Velde team, already recorded another big name for the coming seasons with Ireen Wüst, as well as the talented sprinter Femke Kok.

On the other hand, the Dutch formation did not extend the contract of Jutta Leerdam, world champion in the 1,000 meters.

At Jumbo-Visma, Sven Kramer, Patrick Roest, Thomas Krol, Hein Otterspeer, Kars Jansman, Chris Huizinga, Marcel Bosker and Antoinette de Jong are all set for next winter.

Orie’s team is looking for a replacement for Nuis. The names of Leerdam and Reggeborgh sprinters Kai Verbij and Dai Dai Ntab are mentioned.


Argentine defender: Messi is not loved by everyone in Argentina!


Alexandre Barbosa, Independiente of Argentina, defender, confirmed that there is someone who does not like Lionel Messi Barcelona Spanish In Argentine territory.

And Barbosa made it clear in statements highlighted by the Spanish daily Sport that Messi is the best player in the world, but at the same time, not all Argentines have the same view.

The former River Plate player commented on the possibility of coach Marcelo Gallardo taking over Barcelona in the presence of Messi and said: If Messi made any mistake, Gallardo would shout at him.

Sport believes that Barbosa refers to this statement the strength of the character of Gallardo, which he imposes on his players in the River Plate Argentine.

And Barca has been linked to seeking to sign a contract with Gayardo in the last period, especially before contracting with the current coach Kiki Citin to take over the team’s training.

“Lockdown can’t last forever”


Although the return to normal will be very long, it is clear that extraordinary closing measures cannot last indefinitely“The Joint European Roadmap towards lifting Covid-19 containment measures” underlines this. It was presented today in Brussels by the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the President. of the European Council Charles Michel.

For the EU, a “continuous assessment” of the containment measures in force is needed to ensure that they are “proportionate” as “our knowledge of the virus and disease evolves”. Therefore, “it is essential to plan the phase in which Member States will be able to restart economic and social activities, minimizing the impacts on people’s health and without overloading health systems. This requires a well coordinated approach in the EU and between the Member States “.

In the European Union, action to remove the containment measures decided to combat the Covid-19 pandemic will be “gradual”, given that “the measures will be removed in several stages and sufficient time should be allowed between one stage and the other. other (for example, a month), given that the effects of their removal can only be measured over time, “he underlines again.

The EU therefore recommends that Member States take a “step-by-step” approach to removing the measures taken to combat the spread of the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus, removal which must be accompanied by “continuous monitoring” of the epidemiological situation. And one of the preconditions for the reopening of activities is that EU member countries have one sufficient “reserve” of intensive care placessays von der Leyen.

The preconditions for starting to remove the measures, he explained, are three: a “solid” epidemiological evaluation, which “indicates a significant decrease in the spread of the virus for a sustained period of time”, a “combined capacity of the health system” sufficient to to cope with an increase in the influx of patients, there must be “a reserve of intensive care beds” not only for Covid-19 patients, “but also for other patients” a “sufficient” degree of surveillance “of the epidemiological situation, to who needs the ability to “carry out large-scale tests” on the population.

In the EU population there are “more vulnerable groups”, including the “elderly”, who “should be protected longer” from possible contagion by Sars-Cov-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, is highlighted in the Roadmap which adds: “Although there is still no overall data Evidence suggests that older people and people with chronic disease are at greater risk. People with mental illness are another possible risk group. Measures should be put in place to continue protecting “these categories,” by removing restrictions on other groups “of the population, generally less vulnerable to the effects of the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus.

In the EU there is “the absolute need to develop a strategy to have massive investments“and, for this purpose,” the next MFF “, the Multiannual Financial Framework, the EU budget 2021-27,” is the key “. And” also the European Investment Bank is an essential tool “to” develop a very strong investment strategy, “he said Michel, by presenting the document which aims to provide Member States with guidelines for having a removal of the closure measures which is coordinated at European level and not as harmful to the functioning of the Single Market as the adoption of the same measures has been.

Furthermore, in the European Union “many countries have encouraged internal production” of protective material, such as masks. It is a correct approach, because “we must be much less dependent on producers outside the EU if we are to be a Europe capable of taking over its future,” said the President of the European Council.

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The Kremlin commented on an NYT article on Putin – Lenta.ru


The Kremlin commented on an NYT article on Putin Lenta.ru

FilGoal | News | Karajir chooses the best for him between Salah and Mani


Jimmy Carragher, the former Liverpool captain and defender, has picked his favorite player between Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane the Red Star. And through his official account on the “Instagram” site.

“Salah or Mani? I prefer Mani,” Karajir stated.

“I am a great fan of Mane, he is my favorite player in Liverpool.”

“I think Virgil Van Dyck is the best player in Liverpool, but Mane is my favorite player.”

Manny, who is 28, participated in 38 games in all competitions this season, during which he scored 12 goals and made 12 others.

Salah, 27, participated in 40 games in all competitions with Al-Hamr, scored 20 goals and made 9 others.

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Banks began to increase the requirements for the down payment on a mortgage :: Finance :: RBC


Rosbank has revised the terms of four programs: the threshold contribution on loans secured by existing housing, as well as on loans to purchase an apartment, a share in it or a room, increased by 5 percentage points, to 35 and 15%, respectively; by 10 pp (up to 35%) increased down payment on loans for finished houses.

Billions on the virus: how businessmen help fight the pandemic

Since April, Unicredit Bank raised the down payment to 30% on loans for the purchase of an apartment in the secondary market and for loans for new buildings. The increase was 15 and 10 pp respectively.

The minimum down payment threshold was raised at Alfa-Bank (up to 20%) and Promsvyazbank (up to 15%). In addition, in April, PSB stopped issuing a mortgage without a down payment – this product disappeared from the line on the site, a temporary suspension of the program was confirmed by a bank representative.

The Agricultural Bank did not change the terms of the mortgage, but also curtailed one program with a low down payment. He stopped issuing loans for finished houses, requiring a borrower a contribution of 10% of the loan amount.

The government has proposed a ban on raising mortgage rates

What do the banks say

RBC sent a request to organizations that changed the conditions for issuing mortgages, as well as to other banks from the top 30.

  • A mortgage with a low down payment implies higher risks for banks, especially in times of crisis, a representative of Otkrytie commented on the bank’s decision. He specified that according to already approved loan applications, the conditions do not change for three months. The Bank also did not change the requirements for customers depending on their profession.
  • “In the current situation of increased volatility in the financial markets, banks are limiting the possibilities of applying the loyal approaches in mortgage lending, which were offered under standard conditions,” explained Igor Dmitriev, head of the Rosbank Dom digital partnership business center.
  • Promsvyazbank decided to raise the minimum threshold for a mortgage payment so as not to burden the family budget of customers, said Marina Zabotina, head of the PSB mortgage product development center. “We want to protect customers with a small amount of savings, because in most cases the smaller the down payment, the higher the payment will be,” she said.
  • The Absolut Bank said that they did not plan to revise the requirements for the down payment on the mortgage. “The down payment is a fairly strong factor in assessing the risk of a transaction, but it is still more important to assess the borrower’s ability to consistently pay annuity, that is, his employment, income and credit history,” stressed Nikolai Vasilevsky, deputy chairman of the bank.
  • Bank Saint Petersburg did not find a clear relationship between the size of the down payment and the default of customers and is also not going to change the conditions, its representative said. “Historically, the bank uses an individual approach to each client in all aspects of interaction and points of contact. If a borrower with a small installment can be solvent and disciplined, there is no need to cut it off with barriers to entry, ”added the interlocutor of RBC.
  • VTB, ICD and Zenit Bank are not considering raising the minimum down payment, their representatives said. Dom.RF Bank does not intend to raise requirements for borrowers and, conversely, has lowered the minimum threshold for a down payment on a mortgage, said Igor Larin, director of the mortgage business of a credit institution.
  • Sovcombank and Raiffeisenbank declined to comment. The remaining credit organizations did not respond to requests from RBC.

Why do banks tighten borrower requirements?

In March, after the collapse of the ruble and increased volatility in the market, large banks started to raise mortgage rates. The terms, in particular, were reviewed by Alfa Bank, Dom.RF, Otkrytie, Rosbank, Raiffeisenbank, Transcapitalbank and Unicredit. According to the analytical center “Dom.RF” (.pdf) on the top 15 banks, for April 4-10, interest rates on loans for new buildings rose to 8.91% (+0.07 percentage points), and for finished housing – up to 9.09% (+0.08 percentage points) .P.).

Putin instructed to reduce borrowers’ mortgage costs

“Raising rates is a way to maintain margins. And raising the down payment level is a way to cut off less reliable categories of customers, ”says Ekaterina Schurikhina, Junior Director of Bank Ratings at Expert RA. According to her, due to a decrease in economic activity, lenders expect a drop in household incomes and proactively take this into account in their risk models. Banks could increase the general requirements for the down payment on mortgages due to lower incomes of borrowers in certain sectors, says Mikhail Doronkin, director and head of banking ratings at the NKR agency.

Coronavirus spread rate in Russia

Cases per day

Source: Federal and Regional Anti-Virus Activities

Russian data i


Coronavirus News: THIS drug is designed to prevent future pandemics


The Corona virus-Pandemic continues to spread. Researchers around the world are already looking intensely for an antidote. Many drugs give hope that they can work against Sars-CoV-2 pathogens. US scientists have gone one step further and have now developed an active ingredient that not only combats Covid-19, but will also protect it from further pandemics in the future.

US researchers want to prevent virus build-up with antidotes

The American researchers led by epidemiologist Timothy Sheahan from the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill want to fight the virus from the start, like Remdesivir does. Similar to Remdisivir, the interrupts new active ingredient, which is called “EIDD-1931”, the copying process of the pathogens in the genome. Unlike the other drug, the active ingredient is used as a building block in RNA (ribonucleic acid). Errors occur during copying and the proliferation of functional corona viruses is stopped. The “Focus” reports on this.

Corona virus current: EIDD-1931 to protect against further pandemics

The researchers developed EIDD-1931 at the Emory Institute for Drug Development (EIDD) in Atlanta in autumn 2019 – before the pandemic broke out. It was shown in the laboratory that the active ingredient prevents the spread and development of resistance in many different corona viruses. A little later, the substance also acted against Sars-CoV-2.

The team did early research because there are other relatives of the novel corona virus and they want to protect humanity. Other studies show that other viruses can pass from animals to humans in the future. Researchers already discovered the “Swine Acute Diarrhea Dyndrome” (SADS) in China in 2016 in 25,000 dead piglets, triggered by coronaviruses. “With three new coronaviruses affecting humans in the past 20 years, we are likely to see more such pathogens,” said Sheahan.Further pandemics cannot be ruled out.

That is why EIDD-1931 was developed before the current pandemic began at the Emory Institute for Drug Development (EIDD) in Atlanta. As early as autumn 2019, the researchers discovered that the substance in the laboratory of many corona viruses not only prevents the multiplication but also the development of resistance. The same picture appeared a little later with Sars-CoV-2.

Corona drug will be tested in the spring

So that the active ingredient can be better absorbed, the researchers decided on pills. The substance, known as EIDD-2801, prevented pneumonia in infected mice. “We were amazed at the ability of EIDD-1931 and -2801 to block all coronaviruses tested, and thus the potential for oral treatment with Covid-19.” “This work shows how important research work is on drugs that target not only corona viruses but all pandemic viruses,” said Andrea Pruijssers, an infectiologist at the Emory Institute for Drug Development (EIDD) in Atlanta.

In the trade journal “Science Translational Medicine“They presented their results. The substance is promising because it not only protects against Sars-CoV-2, but also treats an infection. This was also shown in tests with human lung cells. However, the active ingredient would then have to be administered within 24 hours to be effective, the authors of the study. The first human clinical trials are scheduled to begin in spring. Then the new super active ingredient can fight the new corona virus and other disease-causing pathogens.

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