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LIVE | Three members of Corona team already quarantined, number of infections beyond 4 million – AD.nl.


LIVE | Already three members of the White House corona team in quarantine, number of infections beyond 4 million AD.nl.View full story via Google News

Coronavirus in Brazil: 730 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours and more than 10,000 fatalities


Brazil registered 730 new deaths this Saturday coronavirus, So the list of fatalities in the country exceeded 10,000, out of a total of 155,939 confirmed positive cases.

This was reported by the Government, whose leader Jair Bolsonaro, Is the focus of the questions while insisting on making the restrictions more flexible despite the progress of cases and deaths.

According to the report of the Ministry of Health, there are 10,611 confirmed cases in the last 24 hours. It is the Latin American country most affected by the pandemic and the sixth in the world in the number of deaths, which now exceed 277,000 worldwide.

Despite being a high number, the scientists project that the real balance of cases could be more than 15 times higher, given the country’s inability to carry out generalized tests.

São Paulo, a state in the south-east of Brazil with almost 46 million inhabitants, concentrates more than 3,600 deaths and more than 44,400 cases.

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Neighboring Rio de Janeiro, where more than 16 million live, follows with 1,653 deaths and 16,929 infections.

Less populated states like Ceará, Pernambuco (northeast) and Amazonas (north) are already around a thousand dead each.

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Resisting pressure from Bolsonaro, who opposes isolation measures due to their impact on the economy, the governors of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro will extend the partial quarantine measures in force since March until the end of May.

After exceeding the 10,000 dead mark, the Brazilian Congress decreed an official mourning period of three days and asked the population to follow the recommendations of the health authorities to reduce the rate of infections while the country prepares for “a safe and definitive return back to normal. “

Corona is worsening in Brazil – one world – outside the borders


Brazil has recorded more than ten thousand deaths and one hundred and fifty thousand cases of the new Corona virus, according to figures published on Saturday by the Ministry of Health of the country that is considered the most affected by the virus in Latin America.

The authorities counted 10,627 deaths and 155,939 cases of Covid-19, figures that are faced with great skepticism from the scientific community, which considers that the national death toll is 15 or even 20 times higher.

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Vitorino Hilton and the lack of professionalism of Hatem Ben Arfa


Vitorino Hilton, 42, is still there. Arrived at Montpellier HSC in 2011, the Brazilian defender continues the matches and has played 33 in all competitions this season. Captain of the Hérault club, the native of Brasília broached many subjects during a live Instagram organized by the newspaper The team. And for him, the former Rennais Hatem Ben Arfa is quite simply the strongest player with whom he played during his career, during his time at Olympique de Marseille (2008-2011 for the two men). But according to Hilton, the man could have had a better career if he had shown a little more professionalism.

“For me, it’s Hatem Ben Arfa, in Marseille. He is one of the strongest players I have ever encountered. It is a pity that he did not have a long career. With his talent, he would have deserved to play in a big club. For me, it was the strongest. (…) Afterwards, we all know that, in football, it’s not just talent that counts. There are several aspects: player behavior, professionalism. He may have lacked a little professionalism to get there », released Vitorino Hilton this Saturday. As a reminder, Hatem Ben Arfa is currently playing at Real Valladolid, in Spain.

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Peruvian Pedro ‘Perico’ León, former player of the Idol, died


Mourning in the yellow store for the death of Peruvian Pedro ‘Perico’ León, former Barcelona striker who walked his class on the Ecuadorian courts in the early seventies, leaving not only good football on the fans’ minds, but also several joys to the fans of the Idol of the Shipyard who chanted their goals.

The former Canarian attacker was hospitalized about two weeks ago for severe pneumonia and other complications, which he could not finally overcome and caused the death of the legendary Rímac player at age 76.

Barcelona: Pedro ‘Perico’ León, hospitalized after presenting a picture of pneumonia

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Ángelica León, daughter of the former soccer player, confirmed the death. “An hour ago my father passed away. As the best nine, he passed away on day nine. We are very sad for his death, “he told the RPP Noticias network. The former striker of the Peruvian team gave negative results to the COVID-19 discard test, which was performed by protocol when he entered the clinic.

“He was a wonderful person, as a man, father, husband, brother. He was a noble and humble person, with an immense heart. I want everyone to remember them as the wonderful person she was “Angelica added to refer to her father, one of the great idols that Alianza Lima has had in its history.

Parakeet, nickname that was earned in his extensive football career, also suffered from Alzheimer’s and osteoarthritis, fact that made the remembered Canarian player return to his country of origin after having lived in the United States for an extended period of time.


WhatsApp, video calls for up to 50 people arrive: how they work


WhatsApp Web it is the PC version of the messaging application and does not need big presentations: those who have a computer have used it at least once. The web-app is very convenient because it has all the main functions present in the smartphone application. All but one. Which? The possibility of make calls and video calls.

The developers never wanted to implement this feature and who wants to make one group video call on WhatsApp from PC he is forced to use alternative solutions, such as an Android emulator on which to install WhatsApp. Not a solution for everyone and quite complicated. Now, however, the technicians seem to have convinced themselves in releasing a brand new tool for make video calls from WhatsApp Web. It’s about Facebook Rooms, the new platform for make group calls of up to 50 people. In fact, the tool will be integrated directly into the WhatsApp web-app and users will be able to start group video calls by clicking on a single button. Here’s how to do it.

What is Facebook Rooms

Before explaining how to make group video calls on WhatsApp Web and on WhatsApp Desktop (the app that can be downloaded from the Windows Store and the Mac App Store), we briefly explain what it is Facebook Rooms. It is a new platform, still in beta, which allows you to make group calls and video calls for up to 50 people, even without having to register with the well-known social network. The call manager can share a link and invite people to join the group. But not only. It is possible to create multiple themed rooms, to divide the group of people into sub-groups. As you may have guessed, Facebook Rooms is a candidate to be a valid alternative to the many video conferencing platforms, such as Zoom, Meet, Teams is Skype.

How to make video calls on WhatsApp with Facebook Rooms

As often happens in these cases, the guys from WaBetaInfo have found out in the beta version of WhatsApp Web references to group video calls. In version 2.2019.6 there are screenshots showing how to make group calls on WhatsApp Web. It must be clarified that the functionality is not yet available and will be in the future.

What the WaBetaInfo guys have discovered are new shortcuts that allow you to create through WhatsApp Web a video call on Facebook Rooms. How to do? You have to enter the WhatsApp group of friends, press on the icon with the clip at the top right and icons will appear: the last one will be dedicated to Microsoft Rooms. By clicking on it, a screen will appear explains what Microsoft Rooms is and pressing the “Continue in Messenger” button, the video call will start on the other Facebook messaging app. So, it is quite clear that you will exit WhatsApp Web and enter Facebook Messenger to make the video call.

Another shortcut has also been inserted at the top left: pressing the icon with three vertical dots, a menu will appear with different options, including the new “Create a room”. By clicking, a message will appear to start the video call on Facebook Rooms.

When the new tool arrives

Making predictions is quite difficult. For the moment the function is on development phase and it wasn’t even released in the beta version. We will have to wait a little longer before make video calls on WhatsApp from your PC.


Elon Musk threatens to move Tesla headquarters due to lockdown | NOW


Tesla boss Elon Musk is threatening to relocate his company’s California headquarters because his car factory in Fremont may not yet open due to corona measures.

In a tweet, Musk lashes out Saturday at the “unelected and ignorant” health officials in Alameda County, the region of California where the Tesla factory is located. “Tesla immediately files a lawsuit against Alameda County,” Musk tweeted Saturday. According to him, the actions of the region are “opposed to the governor, the president, our constitutional freedoms and just common sense”.

California Governor Gavin Newsom said on Thursday that factories were allowed to reopen, and Musk immediately informed his employees that day that the Fremont plant might be partially restarted the following day. However, the Alameda County board has decided to reopen only essential companies until the end of May, and Tesla is not among them, a spokesperson said.

“This is the last straw”

In a follow-up tweet, Musk threatens to move the Fremont auto factory and Tesla headquarters in Palo Alto, California, to the state of Texas or Nevada. “Frankly, this is the last straw,” he writes. “If we continue to operate in Fremont, it will depend on how Tesla is treated in the future.” Musk adds that Tesla is the only surviving automaker in California.

Elon Musk is a staunch opponent of the corona measures. At the end of April, he called the lockdown forcing the factory to remain closed a “serious risk” for the company.

He was also generally critical of lockdowns. “To say that people should not leave their homes and that they will be arrested if they do is fascist. This is not democratic, this is not freedom. Damn people their freedom back!”

No downward trend in daily death toll

In California, 2,684 people have now died from the effects of the coronavirus, including the 92 people who were added on Saturday. There is no downward trend in the daily death toll. The number of registered infections is still increasing.

In Alameda County with 1.7 million inhabitants, 71 people have died from the coronavirus since the outbreak. About 20,000 people work at the Tesla factory in Fremont and at the headquarters in Palo Alto.

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The coronavirus in short


Despair and fear grow as time goes by without Valentina’s trail


Anxiety and fear of what may have happened to Valentina, the 9-year-old girl who has been missing since Thursday, in Peniche, begin to grow among family and friends, after three days of searching.

With every sighting news, so far always false, hope is reborn, but for a short time, as is the finding of suspicious items of clothing and objects at various points, which quickly concluded that they had nothing to do with the girl. The mystery remains and the absence of clues has hampered the work of the authorities.

Yesterday, the mobilization was general, but at the end of the day, no progress had been made. After another day of searching, the mother of the youngest, Sónia Fonseca, published a new message of despair on social networks: “Another day to end, more hours that seem to have no end … My love my angel my life, where are you you? “wrote the woman, appealing to divine power to bring Valentina back into her arms.

100 volunteers

The sadness of Sónia was compounded by the sadness of the approximately 100 volunteers who responded to the appeal of the Parish Council of Atouguia da Baleia, in the municipality of Peniche, to reinforce the search mechanism on the land, abandoned houses, annexes and farms, no only in the vicinity of Bairro do Capitão – where the girl’s father lives – but also in the neighboring villages.

“It is a frustration. People responded to the call, but unfortunately, we did not achieve anything. We will continue to search until all possibilities are exhausted,” said the president of the Junta de Freguesia, Afonso Claro, promising for today to return to the field , with the reinforcement of mountain biking practitioners.

Sightings and findings

Since Valentina Fonseca disappeared, several objects found and reported sightings, allegedly related to the child, have been handed over to the GNR. Yesterday, for example, a children’s t-shirt and a cardigan, found in the field, were delivered. However, sources from that security force assured JN that none of the objects belonged to the girl and no sightings were confirmed.

The Judicial Police (PJ), which has also been on the ground, has already collected testimony from parents and other expert information, continuing to work based on the child’s voluntary “disappearance”. “For the time being, no evidence of a crime has been found,” said a PJ source. Valentina Fonseca has been missing since Thursday morning.

The parents are separated, their custody is shared and the girl was spending the week with her father and stepmother. It is suspected that he left home at night or early in the morning, wearing pajamas and slippers.

Her father didn’t notice her until around eight, when he got up to go to work. In 2018, the girl had already left home, missing her mother, who lives in Bombarral, but was found about an hour later. The family has gone into silence.


The “Chinese Anthrax” violates house arrest in the US; order their recapture


San Diego.- The drug trafficker Rodrigo Aréchiga Gamboa, “Chinese Anthrax”, and that he was a member of the Sinaloa Cartel, violated the house arrest in which he was in the southern California (EU) and is under arrest warrant.

According to court documents, on Wednesday of this week Aréchiga Gamboa He was not located by the security forces at the address where he had been serving his probation for three days, after serving part of his sentence in a federal prison in San Diego.

In the house, the belongings were not found, only the cell phone of Aréchiga Gamboa.

Following the agents’ report, federal judge Dana Sabraw issued an order this Friday to locate and capture him.

Court documents remind us that when Aréchiga Gamboa He was released on parole and left the San Diego Metropolitan Correctional Center prison, where he served 87 months in prison. He was reminded to notify 10 days in advance, or 72 hours in extraordinary situations, of any change of residence.

“On or before May 6, Mister Aréchiga Gamboa he changed his place of residence without notifying the probation officer, “the report reads, adding:”Aréchiga Gamboaweeks after his supervised release, he apparently escaped. At the moment, it is unknown where he is. “

In December 2013, Aréchiga Gamboa, designated by the US as the leader of the “Anthrax”, the armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel, was captured by Interpol at the Amsterdam airport (Netherlands), and in July of the following year transferred to San Diego (California) to answer charges of drug trafficking and conspiracy.

In May 2015, Aréchiga Gamboa He pleaded guilty in US federal court to transporting cocaine and marijuana in the country.

Shortly before being arrested, and in his attempt to evade justice, he lived under the name of Norberto Sicairos García, had undergone plastic surgery on his face, and even attempted to alter his fingerprints.

Police authorities asked the Sabraw that, in case Aréchiga Gamboa is caught, sentenced to nine months in prison and a 51-month increase in his probation.