Paga and Giuseppa as a couple since Les Marseillais, internet users do not validate and lynch them because of this video

At the moment, Internet users have their eyes riveted on the social networks of Paga, Giuseppa and Luna, and the two young women had a violent altercation right here! If Luna balances on all the undersides of her break up with Paga and her stint in Marseille vs the rest of the world 6, Giuseppa and her new darling have for their part decided not to talk about this whole story on Instagram or Snapchat. The couple also participated in a photo shoot with traditional wedding clothes, a video that made the Internet users react en masse … The editorial staff of melty invites you to find out more below!

On this video relayed by the Instagram account Wassim.TV, Internet users laugh at the age gap between Paga and Giuseppa and this relationship that they do not validate at all: “Ok the mother is Adixia and the future groom is Simon “,” Physically they do not go together “, “Paga’s looks and poses are to kill me”, “He’s his Sugar Daddy”, “There’s no alchemy, he’s already not handsome and then frankly it’s just freezing I don’t understand why we normalize relationships like that “,” The father and his daughter “… They are being lynched! Also read here Paga’s response to the huge controversy over Luna.


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