PACIFIC WAR – Japan v. United States Full documentary

It was a bitter struggle for supremacy in Asia. Japan provokes the United States in the Pacific War. World War II now lasted …


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  1. What did Japan make for their downfall and caused huge of casualties is the attack of Pearl harbor that push Americans to go wat with Europe and Asia

  2. 日本は最初からアメリカとの戦いを望んでいたわけではなかった。あまりにも国力が違いすぎるし、長期戦になると負けるに決まっているからだ。

  3. After the Doolittle Raid, the bombers flew to the west and landed in the coastal provinces of China. Those provinces were under Japanese occupation. Many of the crew and pilots were rescued safely by Chinese peasants.

    According to Wikipedia, the Doolittle Raid killed about 50 and injured about 400 Japanese. However, the price Chinese paid was unbelievable. A total of 250,000 Chinese civilians and 70,000 soldiers were killed by Japanese reprisals. Yes. You read it right. About one third of a million Chinese died because of the Doolittle Raid.

  4. my dad fought this war.. in Bataan. Filipino and American soldiers fought side by side against Japanese forces.
    … the USAFFE… now Philippine Army has deep relation with US army because of this event.
    … though.

    Philippine politicians sometimes are anti American and pro China.. the Philippine army leadership is still pro US. because of this history and yearly military exercises. the Balikatan a reminder that in the past Filipinos and Americans fought for freedom… Filipinos never forgot the atrocities of japanese soldiers to civilians… massacre of innocent civilians in Manila.

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