Pablo Escobar’s daughter is in trouble for the millionaire she owes Dian

debt is about 200 million pesos and arose from a tax arrears and a penalty for not having paid the initial amount on time.

The red numbers of Manuela Escobar Henao in the Dian are divided as follows: 64 million pesos, for the wealth tax, and 103 million pesos of sanction for not declaring, Blu Radio reported.

Faced with this situation, the daughter of Pablo Escobar sent a legal appeal to the Council of State to knock down the millionaire debt that the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs is charging.

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She argues that she does not own the property for which she is being taxed, since these were subjected to asset forfeiture several years ago. Supposedly, these properties would be valued at about 5,400 million pesos.

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An “error”, source of the debt in taxes of daughter of Pablo Escobar

Regarding the origin of the default, Manuela Escobar’s complaint states that an accountant hired by her aunt made an outdated income statement in 2006. There, assets for billions of pesos appeared in her name.

“The 2006 income statement was erroneously presented by an accountant in which he included a gross and liquid equity of $ 5,400,068, made up of the assets that were subject to domain extinction in the years 1997, 2003 and 2004”, reads that document.

Escobar’s daughter whose brother earns some good pesos in just minutes, pointed out that the income tax return was made with form 210 and that despite having made the corrections, they were discarded “and not valued by the Tax Administration and by the judicial offices”.


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