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Overwatch 2 officially came out on Tuesday, but the release is hampered by DDOs attacks. Players complained about extremely long queues to login and connectivity issues. The problems are not over yet, partly because there is a second Ddos attack.

Blizzard CEO Mike Ybarra be previously on server issues with Overwatch 2 and soon after said he that a “mass ddos ​​attack” on the servers was underway. That led to quite a few interrupted connections among players, he acknowledged. In the meantime reports Aaron Kellerof game director of Overwatch 2, that there is a second ddos ​​attack and that Blizzard is working through the night to deal with the problems. He states that progress is being made in terms of server issues and stability. It is unclear when the problems will largely be over.

In addition to the current server issues, there are a number of bugs that players may encounter. An Overwatch community manager has a list of known bugs posted on the official forum. For example, players may not see or receive certain cosmetic items and skins in their collections. In addition, camera problems can occur and using an alt+tab command can lead to a black screen. Progression issues are also reported when unlocking heroes in de Total Mayhem-modus.

Overwatch 2 was released in early access on Tuesday. Only the pvp portion is available; the new PVE section, where players will face off against computer-controlled enemies together, will be released at a later date. There are several innovations compared to the original. For example, the successor can be played for free and teams can no longer contain six but five players. That means the presence of only one tank. There are also new playing fields, new heroes and players can easily communicate the location of enemies to team members via a ping system. Overwatch 2 is available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and Nintendo Switch.


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