Overwatch 2 announces a controversial measure to end cheaters: it will punish those who play with them – Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 announces a controversial measure to end cheaters: it will punish those who play with them – Overwatch 2

Where there is competition, there are traps. Overwatch 2 It’s an exceptional game in many ways, but Blizzard’s ‘hero shooter’ isn’t spared from having players willing to kill off competitive integrity. Over 50,000 community members have been punished since the relaunch of the video game for using third-party programs. A continuous fight in which the developers will go one step further by taking an always controversial measure. From now on, not only so-called hackers will be punished, but also also to those who play regularly with them.

Traps no longer benefit only those who use them. There are some users who, without getting their hands dirty, hire the services of a cheater to help them climb the ranks or gain advantages in the game. It is a secondary form of cheating in which a Spanish content creator was recently involved. “We want to discourage users who take advantage of cheats, including those who regularly play with cheaters. Starting in Season 3, we will identify users who deliberately group up with cheaters and take action against their accounts, even if they They are not the ones who use the cheats,” they explained from the company.

Go ahead, we will not be punished for playing a game with someone who cheats, but if we repeat this attitude. Also, From the Overwatch 2 development team they will not mess around. “We are going to impose severe suspensions for long periods of time and, in extreme cases, total expulsions to those who group with cheaters,” they said. Other games have similar systems. For example CS:GO voids rank gains or losses from games where a cheat was involved if the cheat is banned soon after. In this sense, yes, the idea of Blizzard It’s a bit more aggressive.

Other major changes in Overwatch 2

This is not the only measure that Activision Blizzard will introduce in the game. The company is working on an automatic moderation system for custom game modes that you avoid some controversies caused by the community, not only eliminating these modes but also punishing their creators. Overwatch 2 developers will also be moving forward with tools already created for the voice chat moderation to punish players more and better and promise to be more protective of streamers so that they do not suffer the dreaded “sniping”. Finally, they have asked the community not to forget to report any type of offense they find in the game.


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