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Overcoming obesity through rock climbing and McDonalds

by drbyos

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I met Lloyd a few years ago at my local rock climbing hall and discovered that he had an amazing story to tell about the transition from obesity to Ironman’s hope. When I was even more surprised by this, he was an avid McDonalds eater and claims that without fast food he would not have been able to change his life. I decided to put together a short video interview with him so that others could find inspiration, motivation or just entertainment. This video does not confirm eating any fast food restaurants or fast food. To learn more about Lloyd’s success, visit his blog: bodybymcdonalds.wordpress.com Producer: http://www.wilkinsonvisual.com/ Overview: Lloyd Brombach is a triathlete, but not always. In 2008, he was weighing nearly 300 pounds and trying to find his way. With her will and commitment and a fast food diet, Lloyd was able to lose weight and compete in the 2012 Arizona Ironman. One of his greatest passions is rock climbing, and the experiences and people he meets during climbing only strengthen his motivation to stay on the right track. This video was taken in the New River gorge of West Virginia. The interview was shot outside the climbing area known as Lake Summersville, supporting it in the city or elsewhere in the NRG. The rise that Lloyd makes in the final segment is “Chunko Goes Bowling” on the Orange Oswald Wall. Fstoppers has written behind the scenes: http://fstoppers.com/shooting-location-video-interviews-rock-climbers-dslrs Authors: Mike Wilkinson director, frame and section – vimeo.com/ mikewilkinson’s second shooter was Seth McCubbin – vimeo .com / sethmccubbin Additional climbers / belay help were Jennifer Meunier, Sujay Kawale and Lynn Zwica. Still photos courtesy of Lloyd Brombach, Jenn Holly and FinisherPix Music by Athletics “Why I’m Not Home” – themusicbed.com/#/Why-Arent-I-Home-Instrumental-896.php and Trog’low “stone by .mägi.laine . “and” Gymnopedie “- soundcloud.com/milchizzy# The font used is Aller. – fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Aller No climber made a mistake in making this mini-dock.

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