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Overcome the problem of acne to tattoos, get to know the laser beam therapy from Siloam Hospitals

by drbyos

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The use of lasers in medicine, especially skin health is nothing new. There are many types of lasers and each has its own uses. Including proven effective in overcoming skin problems. The results are very instant and very long term.

A reconstructive plastic surgeon from Siloam Hospitals Balikpapan, dr. Arie Wibisono, Sp. BP-RE. said Siloam Balikpapan Hospital has implemented laser therapy services.

“From an aesthetic point of view, laser therapy can be used for skin care, rejuvenation, and beauty. Including laser therapy to remove tattoos and disguise scars,” he said, through health talk education on the application. Live Instagram, Thursday (25/11).

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Doctor Arie Wibisono, who practices at Siloam Hospital Balikpapan, said that laser therapy was used not only for women but also for men for skin care and rejuvenation. “Like removing wrinkles on the face and neck,” explained dr. Arie.

“And this is proven by once up to a maximum of 2 treatments, the results have been seen, combined with other therapies such as the use of serums and creams,” he said.

dr. Arie said, the use of this laser can also be used to permanently remove fine hairs on the body. Even for teenagers to productive age can remove acne on the face by using the laser light method.

These pimples that arise in this pandemic era can be triggered by using masks for too long, causing pimples around the nose, mouth and cheeks.

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“All of these things can be treated with a laser, so this laser has many uses, benefits, and results are faster than using products such as creams, facials, or beauty clinic treatments alone,” he said, accompanied by examples from the experiences of several patients who do therapy to dr. Arie.

Laser Therapy

The laser used by Siloam Hospitals Balikpapan has the ability to penetrate the deepest light into the skin so that it is useful for removing pigment with a maximum level of depth.

Meanwhile, the use of laser therapy is also used for cases such as skin color pigments which are usually very disturbing, for example complaints of UV or hormonal spots on the face which are commonly caused by environmental factors with moderately hot weather with activities carried out mostly outdoors.

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Complaints of spots or skin color pigment abnormalities can be helped by using a laser device on a regular basis which is currently available at Siloam Hospital Balikpapan.

For the case of removing a tattoo, it is necessary to know that to remove it must be done in stages.

“So there are some colors in the tattoo that are difficult to remove with a laser and must be done gradually and carried out several evaluations,” dr. Arie, who practices at Siloam Hospital Balikpapan, ended his education.


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