Out of nowhere, this action film with Gerard Butler arrives on Prime Video – Actus Ciné

Out of nowhere, this action film with Gerard Butler arrives on Prime Video – Actus Ciné

After a small release in American cinemas, this new action film with Gerard Butler arrives today on Prime Video. Here’s what you need to know about “Kandahar”.

What is it about ?

Tom Harris is an undercover CIA agent in the Middle East. An intelligence leak reveals his identity while he is on a mission. Stuck in the heart of hostile territory, Harris and his Afghan interpreter Kahil must fight their way out of the desert to Kandahar, their exfiltration point, while escaping the elite special forces who are chasing them. The race against time begins.

Gerard Butler in the desert

After The Fall of the President and Greenland, Gerard Butler reunites with director Ric Roman Waugh for an explosive new action film titled Kandahar. Filmed entirely in Saudi Arabia, this spy thriller is the first blockbuster filmed in the Al-‘Ula region and in Jeddah.

After a small cinema release in the United States in May, Kandahar is now available on Prime Video in France. Gerard Butler slips this time into the skin of Tom Harris, a CIA agent infiltrated in Iran for a sabotage mission.

But when his identity is revealed after a detour to Afghanistan with his interpreter Mo (Navid Negahban), Tom becomes the target of all the enemies of the West in the region.


Then begins a frantic race against time for the duo who must reach the city of Kandahar where a British plane can exfiltrate them. He will have to avoid the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Taliban subservient to Pakistani Intelligence.

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Accustomed to action films, Gerard Butler leads this spy thriller with a fist alongside Travis Fimmel (Vikings), Ali Fazal (Victoria & Abdul), Nina Toussaint-White (GameFace) and Iranian actress Elnaaz Norouzi.

If you’re a fan of action films starring Gerard Butler, then Kandahar is for you with its impressive explosion sequences, well-crafted stunts and many twists and turns, even if the political plot is at times complex to follow.

But this is not surprising since we owe the script of Kandahar to Mitchell LaFortune, a former military intelligence officer, who sold his script in 2016 to the production company Thunder Road Pictures.

He was inspired by his experience as a Defense Intelligence Agency agent based in Afghanistan in 2013 during the Edward Snowden revelations.

The Kandahar movie is available on Prime Video.


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