Our ten favorite back-to-school video games


Do you feel that you have a lot of free time to devote to video games or, on the contrary, do you need a short and dense experience? Faced with the great variety of titles released in September, we have classified them according to the time they will ask you. A good way to find the one that will meet your needs, and, for us, to remember that the quality of a game is not measured by its length.

Games that end in three to eight hours

  • A photographic journey: “Toem”

The little black and white world of Toem walks with a camera in hand. Meeting a series of characters more cute than the others, the hero finds himself in charge of photographic missions. His quests require him to go looking for animals and objects or to solve puzzles … without forgetting on the way to complete his collection of animal photographs. The adventure is short but full of fantasy: who would sulk a game in which it is a question of sneaking into a bear rave party to photograph a DJ moose, of drawing the portrait of a yeti distressed by his appearance or of leaving? on a date with a ghost?

Available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 5 and Switch for 16.79 euros.

  • A poetic road trip: “Sand”

The output of Sable was watched since E3 2018, video game show where its first images had made a big impression. The concept has not changed since: this game, which looks like an animated comic by Moebius, is an incitement to daydreaming and wandering in a benevolent universe, without fights or enemies. However, it is somewhat disappointing with its many bugs, and its quests can be repetitive in the long run.

Available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series and PlayStation 4 for 24.99 euros.

  • A crisis of the thirties: “Lake”

Tired of playing adventure games in fantastic universes? Immerse yourself in Lake, a narrative game developed by the Gamious studio and set in a fictional rural Oregon town in the 1980s. Meredith Weiss, a computer developer exhausted by her work in a start-up, spends two weeks in her hometown to to become a postwoman and reconnect with its inhabitants. We therefore alternate the phases of mail delivery, quickly boring but strangely soothing, and sometimes touching moments of life. Lake is riddled with technical flaws, but has something extremely endearing about it.

Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC for 20 euros.

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