Originally from Avignon, Christophe Rodier is the new lieutenant of the Vire Normandie rescue center

Christophe Rodier, new lieutenant of the company of Vire Normandie (Calvados). (© La Voix Le Bocage)

Maintenance. Christophe Rodier, new lieutenant of rescue center and the company of Vire Normandie (Calvados).

News: Who are you ?

Christophe Rodier: Originally from Avignon, my accent is affected, I am 45 years old, married and father of four children aged 14 to 23. I am replacing Lieutenant Olivier Melchiade, from the Ifs barracks, who acted as interim manager between the departure of Captain Venon last June and my arrival on September 1st. I have been a volunteer firefighter for 27 years, including 18 years spent in the departmental management of Gard where I held a position of draftsman and cartographer, essential during fires.

Who are you going to lead?

: The Vire barracks are made up of 80 firefighters, including around fifteen professionals and 65 volunteers. The company of Vire, it brings together six other barracks and 300 firefighters. I am visiting them.

The Ardèche, an earthquake, a significant period for you?

: After a year and a half in the Côte d’Or department in Dijon where I was an officer in charge of voluntary development, I joined the Teil barracks in Ardèche. A week after my arrival, the earth began to tremble, (an earthquake of magnitude 5 on the Richter scale, devastated the town of Teil near Montélimar, note). I experienced it live. 5,000 interventions over a month, which represents 3 years of activity for this barracks. 180 firefighters deployed, instead of the usual 6. This is what struck me the most in my career. Today, another 500 houses are uninhabitable.

Normandy ? Why ?

: Normandy is a will on our part. With my wife, we came on vacation to the region. We fell under the spell. The beauty, the historical past, the welcoming of people … For the climate, we adapt to everything. More seriously, with climate change, it is less and less pleasant to turn south. In 2019, it was 46 ° C in Vérargues in the Gard. Here, it is much more moderate.

How was your arrival at the barracks?

: The integration went very well. I was well received by the authorities. With my arrival, there are real expectations, challenges, it’s nice. The firefighters want to move the barracks forward. New blood, an outside opinion, that can solve certain problems. My family and I are looking to buy, we put our bags in Vire for a while.

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