“Origin” organizes 21 condo projects to celebrate 9 months 9

September 4, 2021


“Origin”, 21 condos, 3 projects, prime location, Bangkok – Samut Prakan – EEC organizes an online exhibition “9.9 Origin Condo Fest.” Live for sale of condos continuously for 5 hours, complete with 5 famous artists to please Gen Z.

Mr. Abhisit Soonthornchukiat Co-Chief Executive Officer of Origin Condominium Co., Ltd., a developer of smart condominium projects under Origin Property Group, said that after using the “Property Live” strategy, the sale of condominiums under the brand Origin and promotion to encourage buying decisions via Live Facebook, “Condo Life” until receiving excellent response. able to generate sales of over 200 million baht within 10 days. Recently, the company is preparing to continue the online marketing strategy of the consumer products side, aiming to penetrate the market of the new generation, especially the Gen Z group by bringing 21 new and ready condominium projects throughout Bangkok, Samut Prakan and EEC joins in organizing sales programs via Live, Facebook and YouTube in the campaign “9.9 Origin Condo Fest.” and special shows from famous artists throughout the program

“This time we held a big event. which we normally organize in offline format in shopping centers in the city center Let’s adjust the various formats and concepts. New to the online condo exhibition To be in line with consumer behavior in the New Normal and Next era more normal We don’t just bring condos to sell. But we carry fun, experience, bring the atmosphere that consumers have experienced offline. Let’s create full fun. with great promotions that we believe will be more impressive than any other consumer.” Mr Abhisit said

For the online condo exhibition “9.9 Origin Condo Fest.” will be held on September 9, from 13:00 to 18:00 on Origin Property’s Facebook Fanpage and Youtube Channel within a 5 hour live broadcast. Meet the 21 condominium project. Multi-brand projects such as The Origin, Origin Plug and Play, KnightsBridge, Notting Hill (, Kensington Brixton, which come with various promotions. For example, stay free for 19 months, discount up to 900,000 baht, up to 19 gifts, starting at only 1.59 million baht, special only in live. In addition, there is an additional top-up discount of up to 50,000 baht* when buying a coupon for only 999 baht from Lazada, with conditions as according to each project

At the same time, within the live, it also fulfills the “festival” with special guests from the page. “Baan Ba ​​Condo Butler” and the page “Real Estate Jigsaw” come together to share knowledge and understanding of real estate and investment to the new generation, as well as bringing in 5 famous artists, namely Ae Jirakon, Pause, Season Five, Serious. Bacon and ONEONE join to create colors throughout the program. Along with providing a new experience for consumers to experience a different way of buying condominiums. To connect the consumer experience, focusing on Gen Z and Gen Y groups with Origin brands. property Outstanding in the development of housing projects for the new generation

Mr. Abhisit said that the “9.9 Origin Condo Fest” campaign is an extension of the Property Live strategy to reach more consumers. In addition to helping to facilitate access to quality projects in various locations without having to arrive at the project It also creates closeness to consumers through new experiences. And from the previous success in Property Live, it is a guarantee that new consumer Especially, Gen Z groups are prepared to search for information before making a decision and open their hearts to buying and selling condos through Live without having to see the real product themselves. organizing this event Therefore, it should be a confirmation once again that the behavior of a new generation of consumers has changed with the Next Normal trend.



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