Orban ACCELERATES Cîțu’s dismissal: announces BPR convening for the calendar of the censure motion – News by sources

PNL President Ludovic Orban says that the reunited Permanent Bureaus of Parliament will be convened, most likely on Monday, to set the timetable for the motion of censure filed by USR PLUS and AUR.

“I will convene, I have requested a point of view from the legislative department and I will convene BPR, because BPR have the attribute, according to the regulation, to establish the calendar of the censure motion. Probably on Monday we will convene it, during Monday, at a suitable “I have not yet talked to my colleagues from BPR”, Orban said on Saturday at the Palace of the Parliament, at the end of the meeting of the National Political Bureau of PNL, writes Agerpres.

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Asked if PNL will continue to collaborate with USR PLUS as they move forward with the motion alongside AUR, Orban said: “As for me, I am a strong supporter of rebuilding the governing coalition. I also voted for this resolution (in which USR PLUS is asked not to cooperate with AUR – no.) because it expresses a point of view in favor of democracy, is a correct resolution from the point of view of the rule of law. After that, with whom should you collaborate, that at the same time we voted that we reject any collaboration with PSD? “, he mentioned.



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