Optika Camera EDUCAM STUDENT4083.2, CCD, 0.2MP, 1/3″

Optika Camera EDUCAM STUDENT4083.2, CCD, 0.2MP, 1/3″

Unfortunately, this description has not yet been translated into Dutch. So here you will find an English article description.

The Optika Flexible Multimedia Video Cameras:

A wide range of tools for all applications in the branch of photography and video.

It has never been such easy to achieve excellent pictures with microscopes.

Not only the digicam for computer connection, but also the one with an analogic signal for TV connection can, thanks to their different resolution, meet the users demands.

The EDUCAM video camera is especially designed to meet the various requirements in the educational field. When it is connected to a professional monitor or simply to a TV set, EDUCAM is able to carry out many different functions.

It can be used

  • as a bishopfor the reproduction of texts, documents, photographs
  • as an enlargerto enlarge small objects, insects, minerals
  • for video-microscopey, connected to microscopes used in Biology or to stereomicroscopes
  • as an overhead projectorfor the projection of drawings
  • as a camera for teleconferences
  • as a camera for conferences, assemblies, meetings
  • as a camera for filmingwith the help of a video recorder.

Its ultra-high sensitivity enables to record clearly even when there is little light available. The special lens enables you to focus from 0,76 mm, up to an infinite distance. An extremely sensitive microphone (only on Multimedia models), captures the teacher’s voice during the lesson, or sounds and noises from the surrounding area, that can be heard via the TV itself, or via a separate amplifying system. The microphone can be switched off if required.

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The special 50 flexible arm (12mm dia.) and the heavy weight of the base (approx. 2.7 Kg)make EDUCAM versatile, sturdy and stable at the same time. The CCD camera is placed on the end of the flexible arm that can be safely twisted in any position, even projecting from the base, without affecting the system stability. A special joint allows the head to rotate without damaging the wires inside the flexible arm.

All models are equipped with an external power supply and dual adapter for video-microscopy (for biological and stereo microscopes).

For the connection to a PC, an USB video grabber is available as accessory (CONV-USB video grabber; not included).


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