# OpinionPD | What you thought about the Valencia players was a lie, by @vicentmolins

VALENCIA. The only thing worse than having an alpha coach on your team is not having one. Having it makes the dependency on a whole gear weigh too much on one person. But not having it causes something more serious: that a whole gear depends on nobody. Bordalás – in addition to the promise of greater freshness when he turns 55 – must be thanked for how easily he has solved a very complex ballot for us.

You have simplified a devilish equation. We were about to have to know how to analyze the real performance of a footballer from his individuality. Find out if Cheryshev is a utility or squishy. Bordalás has allowed everything to be simple. If Guedes performs as when he did, it is for Bordalás. If Alderete and Paulista seem like a neighborhood reincarnation of Ayala and Pellegrino, it is because of Bordalás. If Soler seems like the Spanish Lampard, it is because of Bordalás. If a very unknown goalkeeper whose signal did not even reach the parabolic, it is for Bordalás.

A very short way to settle the analysis, without paying attention to a possible deformation: do we evaluate the performance of the players adjusting to reality, or is it reality that adjusts how we evaluate the players? Was everything we thought about the Valencia players a lie? Or an excessive truth? It is likely that it is just a sauce made of different yields but that once they form the same body they work perfectly. The first strengths of this team correspond to their own weaknesses: they need a high and continuous energy contribution; joint.

Some friendly owners might take the tentative conclusion that it makes no difference to chop up a template and break it down for the lowest bidder because when a trained coach comes along, it will automatically rebuild. But don’t try it at home. In reality, what is achieved is that a whole project hangs by the thread of a total confluence, of a constant group effort, of a seamless identification around the coach.

Perhaps Peter Lim, a disbeliever in the importance of coaches, ends up believing that in football only coaches matter and are the players that must be dispensed with. It would be all progress.



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