Operation “London Bridge” in the event of the death of Queen Elisabeth II unveiled by British media

The Politico news site has indeed disclosed the details of Operation “London Bridge”, the code name for the future death of the Queen of England.

Lhe detailed plan of the days following the death of Queen Elisabeth II of England was unveiled on Friday morning on the English site Politico. Currently, the queen still assures her role of sovereign despite her 95 years.

The Politico news site has indeed disclosed the details of Operation “London Bridge”, the code name for the future death of the Queen of England who is in good health today. The 10 days between his death and his funeral have been carefully worked out. Here are some excerpts from Operation “London Bridge” and Operation “Spring Tide”, for the accession to the throne of the current Prince Charles.


In the hours following the death, it will be the Prime Minister as well as several members of the government who will be warned. The Prime Minister will be informed by the Queen’s Private Secretary with the phrase ” London Bridge is down “. The Royal Palace will then issue an official statement announcing the news to the public. Ministers and senior state officials will be kept informed by e-mail. The flags of Whitehall, the seat of government, will be half-masted immediately. The goal is for it to be done within 10 minutes, Politico reports.

A black page with a message confirming the death of the Queen will serve as the royal family’s official website. While a black banner will be displayed on the official UK government website. Other very precise and strict rules will also be in force concerning social networks.

“The Prime Minister will be the first member of the government to make a statement. All other members of the government will be instructed not to make a statement until the prime minister has spoken, ”Politico explains. “The Defense Ministry will organize rounds of firearms at all salutation stations. A minute of national silence will be pronounced ”. It will then be up to Prince Charles, now king, to deliver a speech to the nation.

The days after

The funeral is scheduled for 10 days after the death of the Queen. The day after his death, Prince Charles will be proclaimed king at the Saint James Palace. The plan also details how the “guests” should dress as well as the decoration. Parliamentary business will also have to be suspended for 10 days. On the second day, the Queen’s coffin will be brought back to Buckingham Palace. An optional plan has been drawn up in the event that the Queen dies at her residence at Sandringham in Norfolk or at Balmoral in Scotland.

King Charles will have to tour the country on the third day. It is also expected to pass through Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The days preceding the funeral, other instructions will have to be followed to the letter.


On the tenth day, the funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey in London. Two minutes of silence will be required throughout the territory. Parades will take place in London and Windsor Castle. The Queen will be buried at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor



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