Operation Fish; So far 6566 kg of stale fish has been seized and notices to 65 juice shops

Thiruvananthapuram: Health Minister Veena George today said that the Food Security Department has conducted 124 inspections in the state as part of the ‘Good Food is the Right of the Nation’ campaign. Action was taken against seven shops which were not licensed or registered. Notices were issued to 28 institutions. The minister also said that nine samples have been sent for testing.

In the last 13 days, 2981 inspections were carried out across the state. Action was taken against 270 shops which were not licensed or registered. Notices were issued to 990 institutions. 368 kilograms of unclean meat was seized and destroyed. 221 samples were sent for testing.

Special inspection at juice shops has been tightened. A total of 445 juice shops were inspected. Notices were issued to 65 shops. As part of Operation Fish, 6566 kg of stale and chemically contaminated fish have been destroyed so far. Out of 4404 tests during this period, 2362 samples were collected and sent for testing. Notices were issued to 93 people.

Inspection of 609 establishments as part of Operation Jaggery launched to detect adulteration in jaggery. The press release also states that 148 surveillance samples have been collected.


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