Open letter to the candidate for chancellor: inside, ministers of education and family: inside – secure education

Safe education for children and young people – NOW! (Short version)

For a year and a half, our children supported all measures to protect society. Now they deserve the same solidarity protection. You need safe educational opportunities. A thorough infection of our children must not take place, especially with regard to the imminent vaccination option. We must not expose an entire generation to the as yet unforeseeable health risk from late damage caused by a new type of virus.

Therefore we demand:

  • one Suspension of compulsory attendance in all federal states, ie parents are not forced to expose their children to the risk of infection and can decide for themselves whether their children should Compulsory schooling in the current situation via face-to-face or distance teaching fulfill
  • Right to schooling by already established Online schools and / or set up a government online school through which students can be trained if necessary
  • safe „Studyhalls“ and emergency care for families who choose distance learning, however external support or training needs to have
  • Cohort formation and split classes with increasing incidence of rural districts in the respective age group
  • Room air purifier with HEPA filters (at least HEPA-13) for all classrooms, in addition to the ventilation options available on site
  • with an increasing incidence of rural districts in the respective age group indoors and outdoors Mouth and nose protectionif no distance can be maintained; For this, a sufficient number of child-friendly, non-toxic FFP-2 masks (MNS) must be procured for daily use, which parents can purchase; These masks are available to low-income families free of charge
  • PCR-Tests (Fools) for all students and teachers; due to the special features of the delta variant, increase in the number of tests 3 times a week
  • Cluster-Quarantänen due to the high infectivity of the delta variant and due to the incubation period to be taken into account; however no longer for 14 days, but only for 5 days with subsequent free testing; Due to the findings on aerosol research and the infectiousness of the delta variant, it is not sufficient to order a quarantine only for those directly next to you: inside or even only for the infected person himself
  • Transparent communication within and outside of school of infection and suspected cases in schools; Data protection compliant without naming names – as with other infectious diseases in schools
  • Infection protection concepts for the way to school with public transport, e.g. use of booster trips in public transport

Signatory of the open letter

Safe Education Initiative NOW

Dr. Jana Schroeder, Chief Physician, Institute for Hospital Hygiene and Microbiology, Specialist in Microbiology, Virology & Infection Epidemiology, Infectiologist, Münster

Dipl.-Psych. Eberhard Schlie, child and youth psychologist, Kaltenkirchen

Dipl.-Pedagogue Cornelia Beeking, child and adolescent psychotherapist, Münster

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