Open credit options for the National Agricultural Development Fund

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Pilar Bravo / News Tribune
09/05/2021 , 3:56 pm

Puebla, Pue.- The director of the National Financial for Agricultural, Rural, Forestry and Fisheries Development (FND) was in Puebla, Baldemar Hernández Márquez to present a loan portfolio that could be managed to finance productive agribusiness projects.

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Between the presentations highlights a project for the production of mushrooms and organic huitlacoche, varieties of mushrooms, ganoderma and neolentinus, for self-consumption, a food and medicinal supplement, as it has a higher quality in terms of antioxidants and anticancer agents, as well as benefits to reduce triglycerides, cholesterol and sugar, according to medical research that shows its usefulness for health.

With technical support from researchers from the Postgraduate College, it is considered in vitro management of fungi to inoculate corn and trigger the breeding of huitlacoche, after Puebla has the most important collection in the country of edible and medicinal mushrooms to produce biotechnological products.

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To present these and other agricultural projects that could be financedThe Secretary of Economy, Olivia Salomón and the Secretary of Rural Development, Ana Laura Altamirano, were at the visit of the federal official.

In Mexico, the FND works to reverse the phenomenon of lack of access to credit for the agri-food sector, which according to its indicators reaches less than 10 percent of the five and a half million Rural Agricultural Economic Units in the country.

The Financiera Rural, if it opened the portfolio for loans for state producers, would be very useful, especially in this time derived from the damages registered by the passage of Hurricane Grace.



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