Online Snacking Increases During the Pandemic, This Is What You Must Watch Out For!

TABLOIDBINTANG.COM The Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic has changed many people’s behavior in the world in general. Starting from work done at home, doing remote teaching and learning activities, to shopping online so that daily needs are still met, including food delivery or online food.

In a survey conducted by CLSA Indonesia during the pandemic on 450 respondents, as many as 70 percent of them are ordering food online more often than before the onset of Covid.

Although it looks efficient, there are health hazards to be aware of when ordering snacks online. This is as stated by Sanofi Pasteur Indonesia in order to welcome the commemoration of National Health Day through the #SantapAman campaign on November 11, 2021.

The program was attended by a specialist in internal medicine, dr. Suzy Maria, Sp.PD-KAI and chef and culinary lover William Gozali who is familiarly called Willgoz, aims to socialize that a person can suffer from food-borne diseases such as typhoid as well as how to prevent it.

Underestimated, Typhoid Fever Can Cause Serious Complications

Typhoid fever is a systemic infection caused by Salmonella Typhi through ingestion of contaminated food or water. For example, a person can get this disease when eating food that is not prepared properly, such as eating groceries or using cutlery that is washed with water contaminated with bacteria, to having indirect contact with people with typhoid such as eating the food they serve.

Because in fact, a person may look healthy but actually suffer from typhoid, it’s just that they don’t show symptoms and can infect others. This acute disease has symptoms of fever that increases gradually each day and is higher at night, muscle aches, headaches, fatigue and weakness, and the appearance of a rash.

In children, typhoid is accompanied by frequent diarrhea, while adults tend to experience constipation. While complications that can be caused by typhoid fever in the form of bleeding or intestinal perforation.

WHO data estimates that 11-20 million people get sick from typhoid fever and cause 128,000-161,000 deaths every year worldwide. The most cases of typhoid fever are found in South and Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, typhoid fever is an endemic disease because the prevalence of typhoid fever is quite high, reaching 500 cases per 100,000 population per year. Based on a study conducted in slum areas in Jakarta, it is estimated that the incidence of typhoid fever is 148.7 per 100,000 population per year in the age range of 2-4 years, 180.3 in the age range 5-15 years and 51.2 in the age group above 16 years.

Typhoid Fever Prevention

Food borne diseases such as typhoid fever can be prevented by maintaining personal sanitation and hygiene and avoiding contact with sufferers. Considering that Indonesia is still a country with typhoid endemic, vaccination is the optimal and effective step to prevent typhoid fever.

According to dr. Suzy, the way vaccination works for typhoid is to increase the body’s immune system to fight Salmonella Typhi bacterial infection. “Vaccination can be done from the age of two years and over and to get maximum protection, it is recommended that a person gets typhoid vaccination every three years,” he said.

One type of typhoid vaccine that is commonly used is the polysaccharide Vi injection typhoid vaccine. Data after monitoring for 20 months showed that this type of typhoid vaccine provided protection against typhoid disease by 74%.

By vaccinating against typhoid, someone who really likes to eat snacks online does not have to worry about suffering from typhoid disease through the food they consume. While other benefits can be felt by someone who works as a chef or is in charge of preparing food, they must not only take care of their own health but also take care of others by not becoming a carrier that causes typhoid fever transmission.

The #SantapAman campaign is carried out through education about the importance of self-protection against typhoid on the media and social media @WhyHarusVaksin. Typhoid vaccination can be done in all health facilities. Consult your doctor for a typhoid vaccination.



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