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‘One Piece ‘ 1029 Spoilers: Supernova vs.Supernova

by drbyos

It is reported that

“One Piece” 1029 will show the long-awaited fight between two pirates of the worst generation and some updates on the Big Mom vs. Kid and Law fight, as well as Sanji and Queen the Plague.

“One Piece” 1029 is still a few days away, but thanks to AP Forums’ Redon and other community members, readers now have an idea of ​​what to expect from the next chapter. The first part of the chapter will show Queen the Plague telling Sanji that his father (Judge Vinsmoke) once said that he wanted to create humans with exoskeletons.

This creation, according to Queen, exhibits great power and stamina, but does not have any emotion or feeling.After realizing that he might have awakened his latent powers, Sanji is still in shock.

Sanji will leave the fight in the next chapter because he needs time to process what is happening with his body. However, things get a lot weirder when Queen the Plague will reportedly go after Sanji and ask him to show his suit. raid instead of chasing him to fight him.

Meanwhile, the next installment of the manga will also show some scenes that highlight the fight between Big Mom and Kid and Law. It seems that the captain of Kid Pirates will suffer severe headaches in the next chapter.

According to spoilers, Kid is about to be defeated by the only female yonko, Big Mom. Kid’s headache is caused by Basil Hawkins, who is in another part of Onigashima, fighting Killer and injuring his own head.

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Readers will also see Killer and Hawkins chatting in “One Piece” 1029. Possibly curious about Hawkin’s power, Killer will ask the captain of the Hawkins Pirates.

A couple of questions. The first has something to do with damage when he has nowhere to go. It’s worth noting that Basil Hawkins uses human lives and turns them into straw dolls and every time he is beaten or killed, instead if he dies, the human connected to his straw doll dies.

It seems that Killer succeeded in eradicating most of Basil’s straw dolls and now any damage Killer inflicts on Hawkins redirects him to Kid, Killer’s captain, Hawkins will answer Killer’s question and tell him that the damage will be to Kid .

Then, without saying anything, Killer cuts off his left arm, which will leave Hawkins surprised and curious. Hawkins will ask Killer why he did it.

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