On the first day… Unfamiliar scenes and phenomena in Russian voting centers (video and photos)


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Electoral polling stations in Russia witnessed many unfamiliar phenomena and scenes, as some citizens sought to highlight themselves during the voting process.

And spread on social media, clips and photos taken in various polling centers in Russia of citizens who came in an unusual way to vote, with the aim of highlighting themselves.

In the Northern Altai Republic, some residents of remote villages, on camels and horses, came to vote at the polling station.

In St. Petersburg, a Russian citizen dressed as a zebra voted, and in the Russian region of Ryazan another citizen dressed as a dragon voted at the polling station.

He also took another citizen in the Russian capital with him to the polling station, Rakona, who freed him after the voting process, causing chaos in the center before his arrest.

The director of a cheese factory in Russia also came to the polling station with a goat named Merkel.

In another area, citizens dressed as historical warriors came to vote.

14 Russian parties are participating in the Russian parliamentary elections that started yesterday and will continue for two more days, with a high probability that the major well-known parliamentary parties (United Russia Party – the Russian Communist Party – the Russian Liberal Democratic Party – the Just Russia Party) will win the most seats without any significant violations.

The other Russian parties participating in the elections are: the Green Party, Novyi Lyudy (New People), Yabloko, the Development Party, the Russian Freedom and Justice Party, the Communists of Russia, the Civic Platform, the Green Alternative, the Pensioners Party, and the Fatherland Party.


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