On its way to the Moon, Artemis I captures the Earth rising behind the Moon

The Tierra rises from behind Luna in video captured by a camera on one of the wings of the spacecraft’s solar panel Orion from NASA on a mission to lunar orbit.

The video was taken at 1305 UTC on the sixth flight day of the Artemis I mission of 25.5 days, shortly after the powered flyby of departure and six minutes after the spacecraft regained connection with the space agency’s Deep Space Network.

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The Orion spacecraft is on its seventh day on the mission this Wednesday, November 23, a test flight around the white satellite paving the way for astronauts to fly on future missions.

It is expected that on November 25 at 21:30 UTC the engine will start for the insertion into the distant retrograde orbit scheduled for the mission. On Saturday, Orion is expected to break the distance record achieved by a spacecraft designed for humans, reaching 400,000 kilometers from Earth.

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