“On Fridays we liked to make the class register disappear” – Landesliga Season 2

WARMING UP with Timo Glattacker, the national league footballer of FC Wittlingen in the BZ questionnaire about his star role in Lord of the Rings, Australia and trainer monologist.

“Since I’ve been able to run, I’ve been on the kick court in Wittlingen,” says Timo Glattacker. The 26-year-old Tllinger followed in his father’s footsteps at FCW. There were also higher-class offers “but I will remain loyal to the FCW”, emphasizes Glattacker, who works as a team leader in the Vitra warehouse in Weil. On the right Auenbahn, the vice-captain of the national league team is offensive, but currently takes on the defensive part – due to personnel requirements. Glattacker answered questions about the BZ questionnaire – including non-athletic issues.

As a child I wanted to be: Football professional. But you know what’s behind it, and then you probably don’t have any youth anymore. It was important to me to enjoy freedom.
I could always eat: A good steak always works, preferably with a salad. A bit of healthy food has to be included.
Favourite club? FC Bayern, that’s for sure. That’s how I was raised, had a Bayern baby romper, and we drove to Munich every now and then. I also think the city is outstanding. Favorite player? I found Roy Makaay really strong.
My last concert: UckerAlm Festival. Not so well known, rather a bit more dignified, near Berlin upstairs. As it should be, I’m with a few colleagues on a nice trip.
My first tattoo … I got stung after my grandparents died. I started with angels because my great-grandfather was a painter. He was known here as “Engeli-Moler”.
First visit to the stadium: I believe in Basel. Against whom, I don’t remember, I was still a pretty little boy. In Munich it was Mehmet Scholl’s farewell game against Barcelona.

The best series for a marathon: I’ve searched Game of Thrones properly.
Best excuse why someone was late for the game? Lukas Hug slept for an hour before the Markgrfler Cup in Huttingen. He didn’t show up until 11 a.m., but immediately paid a box.
Who would you like to have a beer with at the hotel bar? I like to be out and about with our team and the boys. Our favorite destination after a game: hayloft in Umkirch.
Do you remember a student prank? Every now and then we would steal the class register. There were people who stood there a lot, we took turns and made it disappear on Friday lunchtime when it was still in paper form. There were days when someone just reworked it, but sometimes it never reappeared …
How did you make your first money? Remove booklet.
Definitely not missing from my music playlist: HipHop, right up there with Kanye West and Travis Scott. Before the game it can be something rocky.
The craziest bird at FC Wittlingen? Indeed me. I like to make a stupid saying.
Favorite holiday: I was in Australia with two colleagues for three months. We had saved enough, didn’t have to work there and had a relaxed life the whole time. The Whitsunday Islands were amazing: clear, white sand and great water. Australia has been my highlight in my life so far. I would like to do that again, even over a longer period of time.
A real whiting … brings operational readiness on and off the pitch. We have a lot of work to do, the artificial turf project was largely developed by ourselves. Many kickers no longer live the club life – but a real whiting has to bring that with them.
Best sport besides football? There aren’t many. I find motorsport and Formula 1 very interesting.
With the Chanderli … I’ve already driven, of course. Our opponents are sometimes amazed when a choo-choo train passes by at prime time. Always nice to see.
Favorite subjects at school: definitely sports as well as biology and geography.
In which film would you be the ideal leading actor? In Lord of the Rings as a hobbit, Because of my size, I am raised more often. 1.69 meters – Messi is only that tall. We don’t have that many big players on the team, so I don’t see it that closely.
On Sunday, 3 p.m., against SV 08 Laufenburg … we want to get the three points. Laufenburg has good players, but so do we. If our commitment and hard work are right, it will be a very interesting game.
Tiziano Di Domenico is a great coach, but … He must not be interrupted or discussed in his monologues. If he’s in the flow, he doesn’t like it that much. Which is also correct. Better to talk to him later over a beer and a cigarette.

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