Omar Barboza appointed as secretary of the Unitary Platform

 Omar Barboza is appointed as executive secretary of the Unitarian Platform

The deputy of the National Assembly elected in 2015, Omar Barboza, is the new executive secretary of the Unitarian Platform, appointed by representatives of the main political organizations that make up the Venezuelan opposition (G4).

Barboza will be in charge of being a facilitator of the decisions and operations of the leaders who oppose Nicolás Maduro. He also as a mediator, although without official spokesman, unless the parties decide.

Various leaders of the Venezuelan Unitary Platform They commented, under anonymity -because they were not authorized to testify officially-, that the election of their executive secretary was a pending debt since last year.

With the appointment of Omar Barboza As executive secretary of the Unitarian Platform, the opposition sector is regrouping to re-launch for the 2024 presidential elections, according to the leadership. Some leaders of opposition movements have questioned the alleged predominance of four parties over the rest in past decisions.

They pointed out that the idea is to vindicate the value of the votes of each of the organizations in the decisions. This regardless of the number of militants, deputies or governors they have in their templates.

Participating in this meeting were Leopoldo López for Popular Will; Julio Borges, from Primero Justicia; Luis Aquiles Moreno, for Democratic Action. As well as Roberto Enríquez for Copei; Delcy Solórzano, from Encuentro Ciudadano and Biagio Pirelli, from Convergencia. This according to what was reviewed by Tal Cual.

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