Olive tree therapy

The olive tree therapy is probably the oldest and at the same time the most modern anti-aging therapy in the world. It is much more than just “wellness” – it is a Medical SPA, a symbiosis of medicinal plants, organic detox, physiotherapy, olive tree meditation and healthy nutrition for healing and vitalising body, mind and soul. And so, 10 years of rejuvenation can be achieved in 14 days in the OLIVEDA SPA Mallorca with the help of olive tree therapy, confirmed by the medical school. The comprehensive range includes, for example, the Serum Face, the antioxidant day cream, the Cell Aktiv face cream (recommended by OLIVEDA as a night cream), the anti-aging face cream for the day and the SOS olive leaf gel that belongs in every medicine cabinet. But also the OLIVEDA face peeling, facial toner, cleansing milk, face oils, body oils, the unique body serum, the detox mouth oil, the bitter ORAC beauty elixir for inside, hair pack, shower and hair shampoos and many other holistic and thus balancing OLIVEDA products that individually adapt to each skin and hair type. The high bioavailability (due to the fresh active ingredients) in the OLIVEDA products as well as the high Bovis units (due to the phytosynergism and the mountain olive trees) make every OLIVEDA product an energetically highly effective cosmoceutical. Beauty journalists and orthodox medicine have long tested and confirmed the OLIVEDA glow effect: after just a few days of holistic use of OLIVEDA (face serum, face creams, peeling, mask and detox oral oil or the ORAC Beauty Elixir), the complexion of the skin changes and becomes visible finer, rosier. The glow – the radiance reaching from the inside to the outside – comes to light. Many celebrities – above all the eternally youthful Madonna or Charlize Theron – already swear by the OLIVEDA glow effect and are real fans of the brand. TRY OLIVEDA: http://www.oliveda.com


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