Olga Kharlan appealed to the Ukrainians amid the scandal (video)

Olga Kharlan appealed to the Ukrainians amid the scandal (video)

The athlete thanked the Ukrainians for their support in social networks and said that she did not shake hands with the Russian rival at the “call of the heart.”

Ukrainian fencer Olga Kharlan, who refused to shake hands with the Russian woman at the competition, commented on her act and the subsequent disqualification. She posted the corresponding video on her page in Instagram on the evening of 27 July.

The athlete said that she did not shake hands with the Russian woman Anna Smirnova, as she acted on the “call of the heart.” She noted that when she found out that she was expelled from the World Fencing Championship, she felt severe pain. However, the support of Ukrainians on social networks, and especially the military, who protect the country from Russian aggression, helped her cope with it. Many of them, according to Harlan, said that she inspired them.

“No one can ever be forced to go to peace, especially Ukrainians. No handshake. Therefore, it will always be like this. I think I understand, like everyone in an adequate world, that the rules must change because the world is changing,” Olga said.

She thanked the Ukrainians for their support and said she felt it.

“You are in my heart! Glory to Ukraine!” Olga said.

Harlan commented on her act

Scandal with the disqualification of Olga Harlan

Please note that July 27 Focus wrote that the Ukrainian athlete showed a firm position and refused to shake hands with her Russian rival, after which she was disqualified from the World Fencing Championship. The Russian woman competed under a neutral flag.

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The meeting between Harlan and Smirnova ended with a score of 15:13 in favor of the Ukrainian athlete. After the end of the fight, Harlan turned away from Smirnova and did not shake her hand.

Embarrassed and offended, Smirnova continued to remain in the arena for almost an hour, demanding punishment for Harlan for such a “show of disrespect.” At first, the organizers of the competition refused to satisfy the request of the Russian athlete and even appointed the next opponent for Harlan. However, soon the International Fencing Federation decided to disqualify the Ukrainian athlete.


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