Old iPhones: the huge fine that Apple could receive

Old iPhones: the huge fine that Apple could receive

It’s a six-year-old affair that could end up costing Apple dearly. In 2017, the Californian giant, caught up in criticism, admitted to deliberately slowing down older iPhones, the 6s and 7 models, with the iOS 10.2.1 update. A reduction in performance justified to preserve the battery of these aging phones, and Apple had also indicated that other models would suffer the same fate in the future, namely the 8 and the X. But the Cupertino company will go she at the end? As reported phoneandroidin the United Kingdom, a consumer association has decided to take the case to court, claiming a colossal sum from Apple.

This association is indeed asking Apple to pay no less than two billion dollars, she says, for having “hid the malfunctioning of millions of iPhone batteries by restraining them with software updates”. An accusation denied by the telephony giant, for which the batteries were not defective, except for those of certain iPhone 6s. In its response, Apple had also specified that the reductions in performance due to the “clamping” of the phones were noticeable only on those whose battery level was at its lowest. The engineers had put forward a slowdown of 10%, no more.


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But the consumer association intends to follow through with its action and determine the admissibility of the complaints. If Apple were to be found guilty, it could therefore have to pay this sum, without interest. Remember that in the United States, Apple had to give in to complaints from 34 states. Accused of planned obsolescence, the American firm had agreed to settle a note of 113 million dollars. But Apple refused to acknowledge its responsibility. It also had a battery replacement program in place. It remains to be seen whether these arguments will be admissible, this time in the United Kingdom.

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