“Oh, she’s certainly never been groped before.”

“Oh, she’s certainly never been groped before.”

Jessica Drake accuses Donald Trump of sexually harassing her. In recent days, the porn actress reported on an event eleven years ago in which the real estate tycoon is said to have hugged and kissed her against her will. He also offered her $10,000 if she came to his hotel room. Drake is represented by prominent lawyer Gloria Allred, with whom she went to the press.

Drake is the eleventh woman to accuse the Republican presidential candidate of sexual harassment. Trump doesn’t want to let Drake’s accusations slide and attacks the porn actress on a radio show. On the “New Hampshire Today” program on WGIR, Trump said, alluding to her profession, “Oh, I think she’s certainly never been groped!”, thereby ridiculing the allegations. CNN reports on the show.


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The incident was completely made up – as well as all other allegations of sexual harassment. In a few years this would be clear to everyone. He wouldn’t grope women, that wasn’t his style. Drake’s lawyer Allred, who supports Hillary Clinton politically, described Trump as “third-class” in the interview. (red)

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