OG Story: Does rapping become a marketing product?

OG Story: Does rapping become a marketing product?

OG Story is a podcast in which enthusiasts talk about rap and hip-hop.

In this new episode, we ask ourselves a question that is often debated in the world of rap and hip-hop: marketing!

When you see an artist doing advertising, chaining collaborations with brands, promoting sports betting on Snapchat, you often end up questioning their integrity!

Some will tell you that it takes what it takes for the kichta, others will tell you that this is not what they expect their favorite artist to do.

In the end, the majority of the artists we love and listen to are part of this system, from JUL to Central Cee and all the way to Rihanna… Everyone does marketing, but the real question is to know if it is a compulsory passage when you do rap?

We asked the question to Steve Brada who creates content on TikTok and who lives from it, and also Beka who makes music but who has already done a few collabs on his networks…

In this new season, we also find a Tarmac subscriber who comes to participate and this time it is Thomas who has joined us!

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2023-05-07 16:35:13

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