Officially Married, Taqy Malik Crying For This Gift For Serell Talib – Presented by Duda Salmafina, Taqy Malik officially married Serell Talib at the resort area of ​​Batam on Sunday (18/10/2020) afternoon.

In the Live Instagram broadcast by Taqy Malik, this hafidz Quran tries to look calm. He also firmly said consent granted with one breath.

“I accept the marriage and the marriage of Serell Nadira bint Faruk Muhammad with the dowry paid in cash,” said Taqy Malik.

The wedding dowry in the form of a 48 gram diamond and gold ring was given to his wife by the 23-year-old man.

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Taqy Malik and Serell Thalib’s wedding moment [Instagram/@taqy_malik]

After being declared legal, Taqy Malik could not hold back his tears. In the video that is seen, he occasionally rubs his eyes.

In that happy moment, it turned out that there was a special gift that Taqy Malik had prepared for his wife, Serell Thalib.

“I will read the letters of Al-Fatihah and Al-Baqarah,” said Taqy Malik.

Stuttered with emotion, Taqy Malik revealed the reason he gave the gift to his wife, Serell Talib.

“Because from the beginning of this letter, God willing, my wife will start fighting together so that we can form a sakinah mawaddah and warahmah family,” he explained.

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Taqy Malik also promised to guide his wife not only in terms of building a household. But he also became a memorizer of the Quran, just like himself.

“This is the first day of my struggle to build a household, so God willing, on this day I too, hopefully my wife can be guided, become a Quran memorizer together,” said the man who graduated from University in Egypt.

Taqy Malik and Serell Talib carried out a taaruf process before they finally decided to get married.

Taqy Malik’s father said that taaruf was a short walk. Because it didn’t take long for the two of them to tie a sacred promise in marriage.

This is Taqy Malik’s second marriage, because previously he married Sunan Kalijaga’s daughter, Salmafina Sunan.

However, the marriage was brief, about five months and finally they decided to divorce.

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