Offer expanded: Flixtrain is rolling again

Status: 05/11/2021 9:03 a.m.

The rail competitor Flixtrain wants to resume operations earlier than planned. It should start again from next week. Additional long-distance connections should improve the offer.

The Flixtrain trains will start rolling again next week. Operations on the Hamburg-Cologne and Berlin-Cologne routes are scheduled to start again on May 20. The Berlin-Stuttgart connection is to follow in June.

Additional remote connections

The resumption of operations was originally planned for June 24th. In order to improve the offer and become more competitive, the company is now adding additional long-distance routes to its network. Starting in June, Munich is also to be used.

A night connection between Munich, Berlin and Hamburg will be offered from June 17, but no sleeping or couchette cars are planned. A day later, a day connection between the Bavarian capital and Frankfurt via Augsburg and Aschaffenburg starts.

Build an alternative offer

“We want to build a nationwide alternative offer, all metropolitan areas are now connected,” said Flixmobility boss André Schwämmlein.

Flixtrain is the railway brand of the Flixmobility company, which is best known for the long-distance bus brand Flixbus. Compared to the federally owned Deutsche Bahn, the Flixtrain offer is still small: With nine green trains you can compete against more than 300 ICE trains.

From May 27th, Flixtrain will run up to eight times a day between Leipzig, Berlin and Hamburg. Since winter, Deutsche Bahn’s ICE has been running between the two largest German cities every half hour on average during the day. “We fit into the half-hourly cycle,” said Schwämmlein, who sees his trains there at eye level with the ICE, even during travel times.

The Flixtrain trains have been at a standstill since November due to the corona pandemic. With the planned expansions, a total of around 40 cities will then be on the timetable. As with Flixbus, Flixmobility does not buy its own vehicles for trains, but is limited to network planning and marketing. Partner companies operate the trains.

Sweden is the first foreign market

But Flixtrain does not only want to increase its offer in Germany: A few days ago the company announced that it would also be starting in Sweden in the future. Around three years after the start of its long-distance trains in Germany, the company is taking on its first foreign market. Stockholm-Gothenburg is the first route that Flixtrain offers outside of Germany.

The trains are operated by the Swedish company Hector Rail. Flixtrain takes over network planning, ticket sales, marketing, customer service and pricing.


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