Offensive in Valencia against the ‘electric fee’

All-time highs in the price of electricity have ceased to generate surprise – but not outrage – in the news due to their almost daily repetition. This Friday a record will be broken again, reaching 152.32 euros per megawatt hour (MWh). The highest price ever, nothing new.

To face this endless escalation, the Valencia City Council urges the residents of the city to use services such as l’Oficina de l’Energia or take advantage of the aid for the installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption, whose regulations are changed this Friday to streamline procedures.

Help and fewer procedures to install photovoltaic panels

“Install solar panels.” It was the advice that the mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, gave to journalists at the end of the press conference where he announced the modification of the municipal ordinance on solar collection for thermal uses.

This is a 2008 regulation that only contemplated the installation of thermal solar panels in buildings (for sanitary water), and not photovoltaic panels. The modification that is approved this Friday will allow them to be installed “with a responsible statement that any technician can make.”

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This legal vacuum turned the decision to put plaques on the terrace into a bureaucratic “way of the cross”, in the words of Ribó. “Whoever requested it entered a loop, they were asked for reports of all kinds. The procedure was very cumbersome because it was not contemplated in the regulations. Starting today, installing solar panels will be very easy ”, added the mayor.

In addition to streamlining procedures, the Valencia City Council launched last April a line of bonuses for the installation of photovoltaic panels. 20% of its cost is reduced through a reduction of the IBI of 50% up to 10 years, depending on the cadastral value of the house, as well as on the Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works (ICIO).

Light price

Xavi Cervera

Specifically, those with a value of up to 75,000 euros will see the IBI reduced for 10 years (up to 20% of the cost of the plates). Those with a value of between 75,000 and 109,000 euros, a 50% discount on the IBI will be applied for up to 7 years … and so it goes down successively depending on the value of the property.

The Councilor for Climate Emergency and Energy Transition, Alejandro Ramon, explained that, to date, “a dozen requests” have been received, a still low number because the service “was collapsed” due to the failures of the municipal ordinance.

The investment in solar panels pays for itself in about 5 years

In addition, he explained that the plates in the buildings can carry an investment of 1,000 to 5,000 euros and that, as they help to save around 40% of the price on the electricity bill, they are amortized in about five years. “It is a wonderful investment at a time when the price of electricity is skyrocketing,” added Ribó.

Ramon seconded him: “It is the easiest time to install solar panels because we have the advice of l’Oficina de l’Energia; more necessary to face climate change, since if all the neighbors had València plates it would be almost self-sufficient; and more convenient due to the historical maximums in the price of electricity ”.

Advice at the Energy Office

On the other hand, l’Oficina de l’Energia, which depends on the Valencia City Council, has proven to be an effective tool to help combat the ‘electricity tariff’. It offers, among others, free advice to the neediest people so that they do not suffer any power cut or receive help in case of not being able to pay their bills, or help to know how to reduce the electricity bill

Since it was inaugurated in October 2019, it has provided free advice to about 3,840 families on the right to energy, installation of renewable energy, energy efficiency or how to save on the electricity bill.


Electricity cost

Llibert Teixidó / Collaborators

The personalized study of the invoice has helped interested families save an average of 285 euros per year in 2020 (a reduction of 28.6% in expenses), in addition to contributing to a common benefit, which is less emissions associated with the lower consumption, with a reduction of 74 tons of CO2.

In terms of renewables, in 2020 a total of 17 projects were supported by the municipal office, with which a power of 68.48 kW was installed, an energy of 95,860 kWh was generated and CO2 emissions were reduced by 39.3 tons. In addition, the first two local energy communities have been launched in Valencia: in Castellar and in the neighborhoods of Aiora and l’Illa Perduda.

03 - 09 - 2021 / Barcelona / High voltage towers - electricity - electricity price - electricity bill / photo: Llibert Teixidó

High voltage towers

Llibert Teixidó / Propias

On the other hand, the ‘Right to Energy’ program has provided free assistance to 223 families, 65 at the initiative of the interested parties and the rest thanks to referral from the municipal Social Services. Of that amount, up to 86 households have received information and advice so far this year, representing an increase of 38.6%.

This service, totally free, is on José María Haro Street, 9-11. It can also be contacted by phone 961061582 or by email [email protected]

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Raquel Andrés Durà

18 - 12 - 2014 / Centelles / Electricity cost - energy cost - electricity bill - kilowatt price - electric bill / Photo: Llibert Teixido

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