Offenbach with the fifth highest incidence in Germany

Dhe central Corona code in Hesse continues to rise. As can be read on the website of the Robert Koch Institute, the incidence is 110 after just under 104 on the previous day and a good 20 a month ago. The index is only higher in North Rhine-Westphalia (116.6), Rhineland-Palatinate has 94.3 and Thuringia 29, while the RKI reports 75 for Bavaria. The federal average is 80.7.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

Offenbach, with an incidence of 192, is now one of the five municipalities in Germany with the highest index. Kassel and Frankfurt follow in Hesse with 154 and 149. In these cities, too, the incidence continues to rise. According to the Frankfurt virologist Sandra Ciesek, it is still the earliest parameter for assessing the pandemic. Because high incidences result in more Covid 19 patients in clinics.

102 Corona patients intensively cared for

With the exception of Darmstadt, all major Hessian cities have three-digit codes again. The same applies to ten of the 21 districts. The Werra-Meißner district is the best with an incidence of 32, but the trend there too is rising. This follows from the Corona Bulletin of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

102 corona patients are currently in Hessian hospitals after 79 a week ago. the The number of invasively ventilated Covid patients has risen from 32 to 44 during this time. This also follows data from the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. The incidence is particularly high in the unvaccinated. Therefore, from Monday onwards, the country will also break down this code according to vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons. In addition, there were recently more than 230 Covid patients in normal wards after almost 100 a month ago



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