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Offenbach: Preparation for school

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In Offenbach, more elementary schools want to set up preliminary classes. They are intended to facilitate the transition to primary school.

All primary schools in Offenbach will probably be able to set up preliminary classes from the coming school year, the magistrate announced. According to the city, ten primary schools in Offenbach currently offer such classes. Three other schools have already registered requirements for the coming school year. This applies to the Anne Frank School, the Buchhügel elementary school and the Tempelsee forest school. The condition is that the schools can provide a room and that the support of more than ten children is required. The preliminary classes are led by a social worker. Children who attend classes are often developmentally retarded in psychomotor, social, cognitive or emotional areas. Preliminary classes should make the transition to primary school easier for children. The prerequisite for the establishment of further preliminary classes is the approval of the city council and the Hessian Ministry of Culture. jon

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