Offenbach concept implemented for schools and daycare centers

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Frequent tests in schools are effective / mask requirement is extended

“Most infections are currently discovered through tests in schools – that’s why the prevention weeks with masks were very important in school for everyone and in daycare for all employees. In many cases, the liaison investigators find that the whole family is positive. Many infections come from traveling on vacation. With the tests at schools and daycare centers, we have the chance to break the chains of infection and we are also extending the mask requirement, ”explains Mayor Sabine Groß.

“Since there has not yet been a vaccination offer for children under 12 years of age, this is where we start our protective measures. Specifically, this means that we have installed air filter devices in all classrooms in which under 12-year-olds are taught. We also bought air filters for the day-care centers and, as before the summer holidays, we also offer tests for the children in the form of lollipop tests, ”says Groß. Educational staff who look after children during off-peak times and outside of core groups must wear an FFP2 mask.
“We appeal to all parents to use the voluntary and free for parents free PCR pool tests with the simple application of a lollipop. This protects the children and their families from a possible long-term chronic illness and also our employees ”, says health officer Groß.

Air filters in schools

In the schools, for the age group under 12 who cannot be vaccinated yet, 1005 mobile air filter devices have been installed by GBM Service GmbH of the Offenbach public utility. “In addition, after the prevention weeks ordered by the state have expired, we are extending the obligation to wear medical masks in the school from September 13th until September 26th and the students will be tested twice a week”, explains Head of Education Paul-Gerhard Weiss. Once a child tests positive, everyone in the class is tested daily for a week. The masks do not order a class quarantine here. “With the Delta variant, the air in the classrooms still has to be regularly replaced by ventilation, even when air filters are in use. Parents should pay particular attention to cold symptoms in their children. With symptoms, we ask not to send the children to school or daycare, ”emphasizes Paul-Gerhard Weiß, Head of Education.

Few tests

Comparatively little is currently being tested in Germany – the number of positive tests is very high. There are no special clusters in Offenbach. Many infections occur in people returning from travel – because tests and filling out the are required here for entry. This also applies to entry with your own car. Infections that were not discovered here then appear during the tests in schools and daycare centers. With an incidence of over 200 in Offenbach, there were around 120 infections in the age group between 5 and 19 years in the previous calendar week.

Both department heads therefore appeal to the population to reduce the risk of infection through the known measures. “Children need school and daycare for their development. We all do not want overcrowded hospitals that can no longer accept cases other than Corona, nor long-term health restrictions for the young generation – with a little common sense in everyday contacts and solidarity through mask and distance, we can all contribute, “said Groß and white.

“So far, there are no vaccinations for children under 12 years of age. It is all the more important that we show solidarity and protect them. In Florida, more than 60 children are hospitalized with Covid-19 every day. Those who are vaccinated not only protect themselves but also others, because not only a serious illness but also the transmission of the virus by a vaccinated person is unlikely. We know this. Therefore my urgent request, get vaccinated and advertise the vaccination to friends, acquaintances and work colleagues. The children gave up a lot during the pandemic. The daycare centers and schools could not be entered for a long time. You weren’t allowed to see your friends and grandparents for a long time. They more than deserve our solidarity and depend on it, ”said Groß.

Vaccinations in schools

The vaccination campaigns in schools will start shortly. For this purpose, the health department informs the parents about the schools. For the vaccination, the written consent of a guardian as well as ID, health insurance card and vaccination book are required. Vaccination is recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission and the City Health Office. A vaccination is not possible if there was a corona infection shortly before. That is why it is important for all students to be extra careful for a while longer. For the recognition of a recovery, the notification to the health department for positive tests is a necessary prerequisite: Only then will a recovery certificate be issued at the end of the investigation and care work. A vaccination must then wait a few months before complete vaccination protection can be achieved.

Second vaccination at the family doctor

Children who have had a primary vaccination at school or in the vaccination center will need a secondary vaccination from a general practitioner or specialist from this week onwards. The vaccination center provides information about the timing. The background to this is the closure of the vaccination centers by the state of Hesse. For vaccinations in the vaccination center, under 14-year-olds must be accompanied by a custodian and present their written consent.


(Text: PM City Offenbach)

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