OFC distributes unique items for a donation

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The Offenbach Kickers collect money for a big thank-you celebration, in which people from “systemically relevant professions” are celebrated.

According to the city, fans of the Offenbach Kickers can get one of a kind from the club for a donation. For 15 euros there is a white shirt with the old stadium logo, for 25 euros a book about the new construction of the stadium.

If you want to donate larger sums, you have the chance of valuable memorabilia “with goosebumps”. Such as corner flags with the Kickers emblem or lamps of the former floodlight system in the desired color (see picture) that can be installed at home. The latter is available from a donation of 450 euros.

The target sum of 10,000 euros is to be used to finance a large “thank you” celebration in the stadium next year for “people in systemically relevant professions”, ie those who are particularly affected by the Corona crisis. “We are happy to part with these treasures because hopefully several people will be happy about them. Those who buy it and those who can end up celebrating here in the stadium, ”says event manager Constanze Wagner from Stadiongesellschaft Bieberer Berg mbH from the events department of the municipal utility company. According to Daniel Puci, project manager of the campaign, many of the unique pieces are associated with special memories, for example of the round of 16 round of the DFB Cup against Fortuna Düsseldorf 2012, from which a referee’s game note card was received. At www.stadion-offenbach.de, interested parties can find more information about the campaign, a link leads to the Startnext donation platform. The fundraising campaign is to run until the end of June. The stadium on Bieberer Berg was symbolically renamed last Thursday. It temporarily bears the name “Come Healthy Re-Stadium”.


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