“Obviously, at Real Madrid there is a better environment for me”

Gareth Bale He spoke to BBCWales before the match his team, Wales, will play against Belarus (Sunday, 3pm). The player acknowledged that with Ancelotti has a great relationship. “I’ve always had a great relationship with Carlo, but it’s still the same in the sense that you have to give up in order to get into the team. I had a good preseason and a good start to the season,” he said.

Bale stressed that with Ancelotti in the team, there is a better environment, at least for him, than con Zidane. “I think it’s always good to be in a good environment. That’s the main reason I went to Tottenham, as I knew it would be a good environment for me. It was a break that maybe I needed at the time, and I had a great time with Spurs. It definitely helped me get back to a happier place, and I think that was shown again by coming back with Wales in the Euro, and then I’ve brought it to Real Madrid this season, where there’s obviously a better atmosphere. for me anyway “, sentenced.

Bale spoke of his future and denied rumors about his withdrawal after ending his contract with Real Madrid in 2022. “Everybody seems to make up stories when they want to. I don’t know. They just make up some crazy things. I never planned to retire. Like I said before, I just wanted to focus on the Euro and I didn’t want to have to explain. I didn’t feel like I needed it. I don’t feel the need to do it yet, and I think no matter what I said I was going to do, whether it was staying, leaving, retiring, whatever, it would have made a great story. A story Annoying, and a distracting story. So I think it was better for me to say nothing and try to focus on the job at hand, “he explained.

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