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OB elections: Braunschweig, Göttingen and Goslar in SPD hands | NDR.de – Nachrichten – Lower Saxony

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As of: 09/27/2021 8:20 p.m.

The town halls in Braunschweig and Göttingen remain in the hands of the SPD. After ten years under Mayor Junk, Goslar is again social democratic. In Wolfsburg, CDU man Weilmann takes over the town hall.

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Among other things, the city leaders are changing in Braunschweig, Osnabrück and Lüneburg. More results can be found here. more

In Lower Saxony’s second largest city, the SPD had reason to be happy on the evening of the runoff election: Thorsten Kornblum is the new Social Democratic Lord Mayor of Lower Saxony’s second largest city. The 39-year-old lawyer was previously the city’s human resources and legal department and left behind the non-party candidate Kaspar Haller with 65.9 percent of the vote. The previous incumbent Ulrich Markurth (SPD) had held the post for seven years and no longer stood for election.

CDU candidate will be the new mayor in Wolfsburg

In Wolfsburg there was a runoff between Iris Bothe (SPD) and Dennis Weilmann (CDU). After ten years in office, the long-time mayor Klaus Mohrs (SPD) no longer ran. And the CDU was able to recapture the office of the SPD with the previous First City Councilor Weilmann. In the runoff election, the lawyer received 55.9 percent. It was a great honor, said the 46-year-old. “I’ve always said that I don’t want to convince other parties, but rather people. I have apparently succeeded,” said Weilmann. Now he wants to tackle the city’s issues quickly: affordable housing, digitization, volunteering. The new OB must now succeed in the art of working with an SPD-dominated city council. But he’s not really worried about that, as he says. It has had changing majorities over the past few years. “But we always agreed on the big issues.”

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SPD candidate becomes Göttingen’s new mayor

Petra Broistedt (SPD), candidate for the election of the mayor of the city of Göttingen, speaks at a forum for local elections in the Deutsches Theater.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Swen Pförtner

Petra Broistedt becomes the new mayor of Göttingen. The SPD woman succeeds her party colleague Rolf-Georg Köhler.

In Göttingen, the chief post in the town hall has also been filled. The decision about the successor to Rolf-Georg Köhler was made in the runoff between Petra Broistedt (SPD) and Doreen Fragel (independent), who was set up by the Greens. In the end, the SPD candidate received 53 percent of the vote and is thus the new mayor. SPD politician Köhler previously held the office for seven years.

Runoff election and allegations in Goslar

In Goslar, incumbent Oliver Junk (CDU) and challenger Urte Schwerdtner (SPD) competed against each other in the runoff election for the office of Lord Mayor. And with 62.8 percent of the votes for Schwerdtner, the SPD is moving back into the town hall for the first time in ten years. “The result in the first ballot was very clear, but it was clear to me that the runoff could turn everything upside down again and that is why we have worked very intensively over the past two weeks,” said Schwerdnter after the results were announced. In the first round of the local elections on September 12, Schwerdtner had 49.4 percent of the vote, while Junk won 32.1 percent in the SPD stronghold and home town of Sigmar Gabriel. The Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior initiated disciplinary proceedings against junk on September 10th. He is suspected of having manipulated files in an award procedure. Junk defends itself against the allegations and has already found critical words in the direction of the SPD-led interior ministry. Junk has not wanted to comment on the current election defeat.

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Thorsten Kornblum (SPD) © Cornelia Winter Foto: Cornelia Winter

He won the runoff election on September 26th against the CDU candidate Kaspar Haller. more

Dennis Weilmann (CDU) stands in downtown Wolfsburg.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Moritz Frankenberg

The CDU candidate prevailed against Iris Bothe (SPD). The previous office holder Mohrs was no longer running. more

Petra Broistedt (SPD), candidate for the mayoral election in Göttingen.  © Petra Broistedt

The SPD candidate prevailed in the runoff election against the non-party Green candidate Doreen Fragel. more

Urte Schwerdtner, SPD candidate for the mayoral elections in Goslar.  © Urte Schwerdtner

The SPD candidate prevailed in the runoff election against incumbent Oliver Junk (CDU). more

SPD candidate and Member of Parliament Tobias Heilmann.  © Marcus Biewener Photo: Marcus Biewener

The SPD challenger prevailed in the runoff election against the previous incumbent Andreas Ebel (CDU). more

Henning Heiss, candidate of the SPD for the elections for the district administrator in the district of Peine.  © Henning Heiss

Not all votes have been counted yet, but the SPD politician is unassailable in front of Banafsheh Nourkhiz Mahjoub (CDU). more

Marcel Riethig, candidate of the SPD for the district council election in the district of Göttingen.

In the runoff election, the 38-year-old clearly prevailed against Marlies Dornieden (CDU). more

Christiana Steinbrügge, SPD candidate for the district elections in the Wolfenbüttel district.  © Christiana Steinbrügge

The SPD candidate prevailed in the runoff election. The challenger Uwe Schäfer (CDU) is left behind. more

Ivica Lukanic, non-party candidate for the mayoral elections in Wolfenbüttel.  © Ivica Lukanic

The non-party candidate prevailed in the runoff election against Dennis Berger (SPD). more

Gerhard Radeck, CDU candidate for the district administrator in the Helmstedt district.  © Gerhard Radeck

Challenger Jan Fricke (SPD) is narrowly defeated in the runoff election against incumbent Gerhard Radeck (CDU). more

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