Novak Djokovic defies history: he qualified and equaled Roger Federer 😲

The Serbian continues to increase his figure and this time, in a marathon match, he beat Italian Matteo Berrettini 5-7, 6-2, 6-2 and 6-3 and not only was he two games away from the main goal, but he equalized the Swiss as the top winner of matches against top-10 players. Know who he crashes in search of the final and all the details.

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Not only does he challenge the history books, his figure grows bigger game after game and it is increasingly difficult to beat him. The moment that Nole goes through is not surprising but it is to stand out. A new triumph places him again among the best four and leaves no margin for error.. Let the next one come, it doesn’t matter. He proves that he is the best.

Three and a half hours of play were those that passed to close a day that, without a doubt, meant a high test for Djokovic thinking about what is coming: the semifinal on Friday (time to be defined) against none other than the German Alexander Zverev , that player who, as if that were not enough, blocked his way in Tokyo in the hope of an Olympic medal.

While, victory allowed him number one in the world, not only achieving the 80th victory of his career at the US Open, a barrier that very few have passed in the Open Era, but also match Roger Federer himself as the top winner of matches against top-10 opponents with 224 wins.

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But it’s not all, because Novak too managed to become the third tennis player with the most victories at the United States Open And now, he’s only two games away from claiming the first full Grand Slam trophy in a single season in 52 years, the time since Rod Laver grabbed the Big Four in 1969.

If successful, he will surpass Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal in major tournament titles with 21 crowns. However, Nole does not think about what could happen and at the end of the meeting, he was forceful: “I don’t want to think about it … I know it’s there, but I want to go step by step”, He expressed with his head on the next challenge and with the intention of not adding pressure.

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