Nothing changes in the PP of Feijóo | Radio Galicia

Feijóo promised renewal but, for now, everything remains the same in the PPdeG. After the reelection of the president of the Xunta as head of the party on July 17, now it is the turn of the provincial directorates. And nothing changes there either. Diego Calvo in A Coruña, Alfonso Rueda in Pontevedra, Elena Candia in Lugo and Manuel Baltar in Ourense. All will continue in their positions because no one has submitted an alternative candidacy.

The president of the PP in the province of Pontevedra, Alfonso Rueda, has been proclaimed the only candidate to preside over this formation with the support of 2,808 signatures. Rueda has shown “pride and gratitude” after the support received “Since in addition to mayors and municipal spokespersons and positions at the provincial, regional and state levels, the current president also managed to gather the signatures of more than 2,000 grassroots affiliates,” says the PP in a statement.

In Lugo, Elena Candia triples the guarantees presented in 2016On that occasion, there was a battle for the provincial leadership, a battle that is not being reissued this time. In A Coruña, Diego Calvo also aspires alone for re-election, and in Ourense, Feijóo avoids the confrontation with Baltar who will also continue as head of the party in the province.

Without changes in the provincial directorates, now the focus is on the candidates for the municipal elections of 2023. The PP does not govern in any of the seven large cities, and maintains the deputation of Ourense thanks to a pact with Jácome.

The conservatives have a challenge ahead in the election of candidates in which, without a doubt, it is the great pending subject of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, unbeatable in autonomic, but to whom the municipal elections resist.

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