Not only food scraps but also these common unsuspected objects attract cockroaches and cockroaches

With the arrival of autumn, many lower their guard against cockroaches. In fact, an urban legend is widespread according to which the cold kills cockroaches. Unfortunately this is not true: these insects are incredibly hardy.

We must therefore be careful to avoid anything that can attract cockroaches. Just having a clean kitchen is not enough: in fact, not only food scraps but also these common unsuspected objects attract cockroaches and cockroaches. Here’s what it is.

Be careful not to attract cockroaches into the house

Many hate cockroaches because they associate them with dirt and disease, and they’re not entirely wrong. On the one hand, cockroaches do not have a real sting, so they could be considered harmless. On the other hand, however, cockroaches carry a number of diseases, such as tuberculosis, salmonellosis and hepatitis. What’s more, they can cause allergic reactions triggered by substances on their body and in their saliva.

For all these reasons, cockroaches are certainly not welcome guests in homes, cellars or garages. In fighting cockroaches, the best strategy is prevention. This means first of all getting rid of all sources of food and water that attract cockroaches. It is therefore essential not to leave crumbs and leftovers lying around, wash the bowls of pets, clean the floors often.

You can also take advantage of some natural remedies, such as grandma’s trick that uses an ingredient already present in the kitchen, or a plant that repels several insects at once.

All of this, however, may not be enough. There are in fact objects that no one thinks of, but which attract cockroaches. Here are which ones.

Not only food scraps but also these common unsuspected objects attract cockroaches and cockroaches

Cockroaches are truly voracious insects attracted to food. When they do not find food scraps, they can have a good feast with completely unsuspected objects.

In particular, be careful not to leave piles of newspapers, comics, books or cardboard boxes lying around the house.

In fact, cockroaches can eat paper. It is still a product derived from plants. But that’s not all: glues containing animal fats are often used for the production of boxes, or to tie the pages of books. These too are a gluttonous food source for insects.

In addition to providing a snack, cardboard boxes or piles of paper are also popular with cockroaches as a quiet hiding place for breeding. Finally, cockroaches are particularly fond of wet cardboard: therefore pay particular attention to cellars and garages.

In short, having a cockroach-proof home not only means cleaning up food residues, but also avoiding accumulating objects that are attractive for cockroaches.


Never kill this insect as it can be really useful around the house

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)
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