Not Just With Skincare, Here’s How To Overcome Acne That Keeps Appearing, Jakarta – Since long ago, so many ways have emerged to overcome pimple. One of them is by routinely using a series of skin care (skincare) with a powerful claim to overcome acne.

In fact, according to Pramudia Clinic skin and sex specialist, Anthony Handoko, this method is actually not right.

“The treatment of acne is not appropriate if it is done only with treatment” skincare cosmetics, “said Anthony in an online media seminar written Tuesday, (1/3/2022).

Anthony explained, it is important to distinguish between skincare and skin treatment. Skincare is a treatment that can be done without a doctor’s prescription for skin that is not experiencing problems.

“Whereas skin treatment more on a treatment by giving certain drugs through a doctor’s prescription,” said Anthony.

Moreover, even though there are so many triggers for the appearance of acne. According to Anthony, acne itself is part of the disease skin infection caused by bacteria.

So it needs to be handled appropriately in accordance with the rules of medical treatment. Remember skincare itself is more appropriate if given to skin that is in good condition.

This is because skincare usually only focuses on treating, not curing let alone treat acne which is inflamed.

“The more severe and widespread the location of the acne, then different treatments are needed according to the severity,” said Anthony.

What causes acne to become itchy and uncomfortable? Let’s check the video above!


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