The recordings of the October 15 public meeting of The National Assembly (DNA) have been removed from DNA’s YouTube channel. After some time they were uploaded again with the wrong date, October 13. Former chairman of DNA, Jennifer Simons, tells Suriname Herald that it is not common for YouTube videos of DNA meetings to be removed.

Assembly member Rabin Parmessar (NDP) questions the removal of the DNA assemblies on YouTube. According to him, it is striking and he asks if it is a coincidence that these videos have been removed. In the context of transparency, that should not happen, he believes. It is also the meeting where he was expelled from the meeting by the chairman of DNA, Marinus Bee, with the assistance of the police.

Fragment of the video in which Parmessar was evicted by the police

Simons explains that the program for an open parliament came about through various programs and projects. Individuals can even find out if they have seen videos removed during her term of office.

The only editing was when a member had to take something back and that is then removed from the actions. That piece was therefore removed from the video. The press could always count on the reruns via DNA TV and YouTube, Simons says.

Parmessar says the NDP group will speak up regarding his unjustified removal from the chamber on Thursday. The group will consider this this weekend. According to Parmessar, it is necessary not to stop there, because he notices that it is becoming a structural attitude with the DNA chairman. It is no longer an incident, that is why that must change, he believes.

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