Not chemotherapy, this method is considered to have fewer side effects in treating cancer – Cancer is malignant disease which can be life threatening. In general, cancer can grow, mutate and spread, and even respond to various treatments.

Starting from chemotherapy, therapy radiation, until the consumption of certain drugs for cancer treatment.

“Initially, chemotherapy was a treatment solution for patients with advanced cancer. But in the last three decades, new treatments equipped with a holistic approach have been developed to get better results, with minimal side effects,” said Dr. Chin Tan Min, Medical Oncologist at Parkway Cancer Centre, Singapore, during a virtual press conference, Wednesday (12/8/2021).

Even so, cancer treatment with chemotherapy remains relevant and is carried out today. Doctor Chin explained that chemotherapy can be used alone or in combination with targeted therapy or immunotherapy, to get better clinical results.

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Targeted therapy and immunotherapy are said to have become important breakthroughs in the medical field for treating cancer cases. Targeted therapy uses drugs to target specific genes and proteins that affect the growth of cancer cells.

Doctor Chin explained that targeted therapy is effective at killing cancer cells with fewer side effects.

“Certain drugs used in vascular-focused treatment can also affect the tissue environment that allows cancer cells to grow and survive,” said Dr. Chin.

While immunotherapy treatment is said to be able to increase the chances of survival of cancer patients through long-term care management.

It works by boosting the patient’s immune system so that it is possible to recognize cancer cells and destroy them from within.

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“Currently, immunotherapy is increasingly being used to treat stage three and four cancer patients,” said Dr. Chin.

In several cancer cases where the patient underwent immunotherapy treatment, it was proven that they no longer experienced hair loss or headaches or nausea as much as the previous therapy, added Dr. Chin.

He conveyed, immunotherapy has lower side effects and is easily tolerated by patients. Thus, it can increase life expectancy and better quality of life.

As one of the cancer healthcare providers in Singapore, Dr. Chan said that Parkway Cancer Center (PCC) has also presented the two drug therapies.

Handled directly by an experienced multidisciplinary medical team, treatment is also carried out using modern technology and innovative therapies that are proven to be effective.

“Starting from cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment to palliative care we can do,” he said.



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