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by drbyos

Here I am, once again presenting a Gizmodo Challenge entry on coffee. I am clearly obsessed. I find the reverse video to be a great way to display the process in an interesting way, especially when combined with a time change and a single cut. A large number of shots can be packed in a very short time, while still allowing the most interesting parts to be highlighted. The final product is first presented in a video, followed by the process of creating it, ending with putting the whole thing in context. The process in this case was to create my morning cappuccino. The staff at Comet Coffee here in Ann Arbor were nice enough to let me behind the counter with a camera before opening it on Saturday morning. The whole process was recorded at once, starting with a friend who was filming another friend’s shop. He handed the camera to me at the counter (waiting at the box office) and I filmed over the barista’s shoulder as he made cappuccino from start to finish. Initially, I planned to film it on a Canon 7d for its more forgiving depth of field and a particularly slow 60 fps, but it couldn’t handle the low light in the early morning. I finished filming on the Canon 5dII using a great stabilized 24-105 F4 / L image with the Zacuto Z-Finder and target counter. The settings were 1600 iso, f4, 30 frames per second and shutter speed 1/30. Editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and color grading using Magic Bullet Looks. Just in terms of a record, let me say that remaking one such 2-minute clip is a Premiere nightmare. The music is a clip from Lovely by Tryad.

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